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Happy Birthday Habeas- Call to Action

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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June 15, 2007

I miss you terribly…we need to keep pressure on all our lawmakers, Democrats as well as Republicans, to bring you back! Our democracy can’t survive without you!!-Beverly Seattle, WA“Habeas is more than an idea. It lies at the heart of our national identity and the values each of us holds. For centuries, Habeas Corpus has stood up for anyone who was accused of a crime, protecting us against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. That anyone in our government would have a problem with this statement is difficult to comprehend. Let’s get America back on track. Restore Habeas Corpus. It is the bedrock of justice and the foundation of our nation.-Patricia Downey,CAI pray that you are allowed to reach the age of 1,000 years and beyond – you will but only if the Congress rewrites the Military Commissions Act. Our country and you have lived through and survived many wars.-Holly Cullman, AL

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