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Jameel Jaffer Answers CIA's "Propaganda" Charge on Hardball

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June 10, 2009

Last night, ACLU National Security Director Jameel Jaffer went head-to-head with former Reagan DOJ official David Rivkin on Hardball. They discussed the CIA’s refusal to release documents related to the destruction of 92 videotapes depicting the harsh interrogation of detainees in U.S. custody. Watch it:

In this clip, Jameel addresses CIA Director Leon Panetta’s statement that the documents could be used as “propaganda” by the enemy:

I agree that there’s a danger that this kind of information can be used as propaganda. But I think that argument goes too far, because there are all kinds of things that can be used as propaganda. Any news article about Guantanamo or about the torture program itself can be used as propaganda. And if we’re going to give the government the authority to suppress information on the grounds that it can be used as propaganda, then we’re going to have to have to give it the authority to suppress much more than this.

You can learn more about the ACLU’s motion to hold the CIA in contempt for destroying the videotapes, and the and the Freedom of Information request and lawsuit for documents relating to their destruction, at

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