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Obama Endorses Bush Secrecy On Torture And Rendition

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February 4, 2009

The headline, disappointingly enough, says it all. From our release:

After the British High Court ruled that evidence of British resident Binyam Mohamed’s extraordinary rendition and torture at Guantánamo Bay must remain secret because of threats made by the Bush administration to halt intelligence sharing, the Obama administration told the BBC today in a written statement: “The United States thanks the UK government for its continued commitment to protect sensitive national security information and preserve the long-standing intelligence sharing relationship that enables both countries to protect their citizens.”

Earlier today, the ACLU sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her to clarify the government’s position on extraordinary rendition and torture, in response to the British High Court’s decision.

Mohamed is one of the ACLU’s clients in our second extraordinary rendition case, Mohamed v. Jeppesen. Oral arguments in that case are still scheduled for Monday, February 9.

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