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An Open Letter to Senator Specter

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November 20, 2008

Dear Senator,

In reply to your remarks on MSNBC this week in regard to telecom immunity being “a festering wound,” the ACLU would like to express its most enthusiastic feelings of agreement. It occurs to us, however, that you did vote for telecom immunity at both opportunities presented to you. (Remember? In February and July?) We are perplexed but also gladdened at your recent change of heart. And may we share this exciting news with you? It is within your very power to reverse this provision which so offends you. You, sir, can begin to heal this festering wound!


(Seriously, though. Less talk and more rock, please. Congress can, in fact, repeal the telecom immunity provision. Just because the 110th caved in doesn’t mean the 111th can’t stand up. Put your money where your mouth is and let’s do this.)

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