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Orwell at the Post

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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June 6, 2007

Friends, check THIS development. So, yesterday, I called the Washington Post out on its inclusion of blatantly false legal analysis by David Rivkin, a former Justice official under Reagan and Bush I. My post has his original language, as it appeared on-line at yesterday afternoon.Now, in the page 3 update of the story (which you now get when you follow the original link), they’ve taken out the Rivkin commentary, and replaced it with the April Senate testimony of Daniel J. Dell’Orto, Pentagon deputy general counsel, which isn’t so much wrong as it is misleading (more on that later). Here’s the revamped Post coverage.What’s happening, folks? Perhaps a quick conversation with an impartial legal expert would have been prudent before running such naked dissembling (mmm, naked dissembling).

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