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Patriot Update: So, About That Deadline…

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December 2, 2009

Quick update for you loyal readers: Currently, there are several bills pending in both the House and Senate as both chambers stare down the December 31 deadline for expiring Patriot Act provisions.

The two bills to watch are the House’s USA Patriot Amendments Act and the Senate’s USA Patriot Extension Act. The Senate bill has been endorsed by the administration but we have several reservations about that legislation and are still hopeful the House bill — which provides much better civil liberties protections — will be the bill that passes both chambers.

Our breakdowns of the USA Patriot Amendments Act and the USA Patriot Extension Act are online along with a wealth of other resources we’ve put together at

ABC News and Raw Story both have good stories recently on where things currently stand.

For more great coverage here are a few sites: GetFISARight, Emptywheel, and Julian Sanchez.

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