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Pop Quiz! Just How Exposed Are You?

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August 10, 2010

Got a cell phone? Use Facebook? What about Gmail? Read books on your shiny new iPad? Did you buy that new iPad online?

Since you’re reading this on some kind of electronic device, we’re guessing that you can answer “yes” to at least a few of those questions.

Which is why it’s crucial that you drop everything you’re doing right now and take our Privacy Quiz!

It’s fun, it’s short, and unlike pop quizzes in school, there are no wrong answers. But you need to know about your privacy rights in the digital world. Whether you’re staying in touch with friends and family through Facebook, or buying books on Amazon, little bits of information about you are often collected by these sites; and you’d be surprised what these little bits of information can add up to.

And don’t worry: the ACLU isn’t collecting your answers and storing them for future reference. After you’re done taking our quiz, go to to learn what you can do to protect your privacy online and Demand Your DotRights!