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Sheep Make Strange Bedfellows

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August 21, 2007

Last week we launched a new ad campaign calling out Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for their sheep-like behavior in Congress’ late-hour collapse on FISA rules and spying oversight. Even FoxNews found it amusing, and covered it in the last item on this page. Hardly the place we usually look for a shout-out.

Congress and the judiciary have the constitutional duty to put a check on the president’s power. When Republicans controlled Congress, the president was able to pass some very nasty legislation (the Military Commissions Act and the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, just to name a couple). And when Democrats took control of Congress last year, we hoped America would finally see the legislature actually fulfill its duty to reign in executive power.

We were wrong. Earlier this month we watched too many Congressional Democrats roll over and play dead as the President rammed the FISA “modernization” bill through both chambers right before the August recess. Some called them sheep. We agree.

We’re not rolling over: We’re calling them on their weak-kneed cave-in to the president’s Patriot Act-style legislative tactics. We need lions, not sheep, protecting the Constitution. And if you agree, you can help support our new campaign.