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Tell Us About Your Run-In with the Watch List

Kacie Wielgus,
Washington Legislative Office
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July 14, 2008

More than one million names are now on the terrorist watch list. This is truly mind-boggling. Only the United States government bureaucracy could create a terrorist watch list that affects nuns, war heroes, members of Congress, and persons holding top secret security clearances

Congress spit on this five-alarm blaze by removing Nelson Mandela from the list. What is it going to take for Congress to extinguish this horrific blaze which provides no redress for millions of travelers to be removed from the list who do not have the global presence to ‘merit’ an act of Congress?

Today, the ACLU called on the administration and Congress to pass legislation requiring the terrorist watch list to ensure those on the list pose a real threat to national security and to create a process for persons on the list to be removed. These are common sense solutions. Unfortunately, it seems that common sense is not a strong suit of this administration or Congress.

If you have had an experience with the watch list, tell us about it with this form.

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