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VIDEO: Doug Liman Talks About Crowdsourced Film Project "Reckoning With Torture"

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March 2, 2012

Video submissions from the public are now being taken for director Doug Liman’s new film, Reckoning With Torture: Memos and Testimonies From the War On Terror.” The movie will combine these clips with filmed stage performances featuring well-known actors, writers, and former military officers.

The project is collaboration between Liman — whose past work includes The Bourne Identity and Fair Game — and the ACLU and PEN American Center. It aims to make people aware of what really happened in the detention centers and why, and to build support for accountability.

Liman went on ABC News this week to talk about the film — you can watch the interview here.

The script consists of excerpts from declassified government documents detailing the abuse of terrorism suspects in U.S. custody, as well as efforts by soldiers and other government personnel who reported abuse. Performers at the past live readings included actors Robert Redford and America Ferrera, authors Annie Proulx and Russell Banks, former military interrogator Matthew Alexander, former CIA officer Jack Rice, and former Guantánamo Chief Prosecutor Lt. Col. Morris Davis.

On the project’s website you can follow instructions to select a scene, shoot it, and upload footage of yourself or others delivering the readings and also answering a few open-ended questions. These crowdsourced clips are posted on the site, and later Liman will select the best videos and intercut them with footage from the staged performances to create a feature-length movie. So check out to see what’s up there already, and to add your voice to the movie.

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