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A Welcome Coda to the GOP Debate

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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May 4, 2007

For those of you who didn’t see it (and I have to admit, I’m one—see, I’m already a Tancredo man), IHT has the transcript up online.For those who did see it, you may have noticed Congressman Ron Paul’s brave final words. Let me just say, I love libertarians. Like, a lot.Here’s the question (from Chris Matthews, playing hardball):

MR. MATTHEWS: You really think he’s measuring the drapes, huh? (Laughter.)Let me start with a question, in all seriousness. If you want to pass, please pass it. We don’t have much time.Every president, if you look back to Ike, was elected to fill the problem of the previous president. We are of course correcting all the time in this country. It’s how democracy works. How will you be different in any way from President George W. Bush?

And here’s Representative Paul’s final answer, and the last word of the debate.

REP. PAUL: I certainly would continue on my earlier theme that foreign policy needs to be changed. Mr. Republican, Robert Taft — we have a statue of him in Washington — he advocated the same foreign policy that I advocate. I would work very hard to protect the privacy of American citizens, being very, very cautious about warrantless searches, and I would guarantee that I would never abuse habeas corpus.

It’s all about Robert Taft. I really think Celebrity Deathmatch should do an episode with all of the ideological Sven Galis in the current administration facing off against Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater. The latter two would undoubtedly win using their ninja-like integrity (and ample supply of throwing stars).

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