Divesting from Police. Defending our Protest Rights.

A collage of police holding batons, facing protestors with signs and bullhorns over a blue background.

Divesting from Police. Defending our Protest Rights.

In the wake of countless Black lives lost at the hands of police, we’re committed to fighting alongside Black organizers and Black-led groups like Movement for Black Lives to reduce the role, power, and scale of policing in America. But as people take to the streets to demand justice and shine a light on systemic racism, their calls are being met by violent and unconstitutional law enforcement attacks. We are fighting back and will not let attempts to harm and silence Black protest and people go unchecked.

Last updated on June 17, 2021

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Know Your Rights While Protesting Police Brutality

ACLU Staff Attorney Emerson Skyes gives a primer on how to protest safely right now.

The Constitution protects your right to protest, but it isn’t without risk. Know your rights.

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Divesting From Police and Investing in Communities

Protesters take a knee on Flatbush Avenue in front of New York City police officers during a solidarity rally for George Floyd

We are committed to bringing an end to this country’s long standing nightmare with police violence. Together with our partners and allies, we are fighting to greatly reduce the role, presence, and responsibilities of police in America.

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Current Legal Actions

Defending our right to protest: cities where we've filed lawsuits.

Across the country, we’re fighting back against unconstitutional law enforcement attacks on protesters and journalists. We’re even calling on the U.N. to intervene.