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Congratulations Moms. This One Is for Us!

A nursing child.
A nursing child.
Galen Sherwin,
Former Senior Staff Attorney,
ACLU Women’s Rights Project
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June 19, 2012

Yesterday we told you about an amazing change in the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), lactation policy for nursing mothers. The new policy allows nursing mothers, to request extended or additional breaks to pump during the LSAT, for up to one year following childbirth.

We got involved after MomsRising contacted us about one of their members, Ashley Foxx, who was denied a lactation-related modification and was told she would either have to take the test without additional time to pump, wean her baby in time for the test date, or take the test when she was no longer breastfeeding.

Here’s what Ashley had to say when she learned of this policy change:

Elation doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt after learning that LSAC, administrators of the several standardized tests including the LSAT, has decided to give nursing moms the accommodations they deserve. I still remember in October 2011 how disappointed and saddened I felt at having to sit on the floor of a bathroom to pump in the middle of my LSAT. However with this news it made my experience worth every last bit of the humiliation I felt.

When I went in to this process attempting to change a policy that was a hindrance to new moms, I was aware there was only a slim possibility that it would benefit me. My goal was to help the moms that came after me. This victory isn’t mine, MomsRising, or even the ACLU’s. This is a victory that all of us achieved together. Thanks to over 10,000 letters, tweets, Facebook messages, and phone calls we have achieved a major step forward for all women wishing to gain entry into the professional arena.

Let this serve as a catalyst and a reminder that one person’s story can make a difference and inspire change. We must all aspire to greatness and fairness in every arena we enter. Congratulations moms, this one is for us! Now it’s time to take over the world.

We agree! Congrats moms!

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