Abortion: Political Intrusion into Healthcare Decisions

Politicians in several states have recently passed laws that interfere with the ability of a woman and her family to make personal and private decisions in consultation with their doctors. These include laws that force a woman to sit through a description of an ultrasound before getting an abortion, laws that require her to sit through a a session at a "crisis pregnancy centers" (centers that try to scare women out of having abortions and are notorious for providing false and misleading information) and laws that force doctors to give outdated and misleading information to their patients about abortion risk factors. We all want women to have the information to make the best decisions for themselves and these families. But these laws aren’t designed to give women information, they are just attempts by politicians to interfere in a woman’s decision. They are dangerous, humiliating and demeaning. We trust the decisions that a woman makes in consultation with her family and her doctor – and so should the government.



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