Community Resolution for Norwalk, CT

Whereas we deem certain sections of the USA Patriot Act to be a threat to the legal rights of Norwalk residents and all Americans in that they allow authorities to:

1. Search A Private Home And Not Notify The Owner,

2. Collect Information About What Books We Read, What We Study, What We Purchase, Our Medical History, And Our Personal Finances,

3. Label One A "Terrorist" For Belonging To An Activist Group,

4. Monitor Our E-Mails And Watch What Internet Sites We Visit,

5. Take Away Our Property Without A Hearing,

6. Spy On Innocent Americans,

7. Put Targeted Immigrants In Jail Indefinitely, and

8. Wiretap Citizens Under A Warrant That Does Not Even Contain Their Name,

Now Therefore Be It Resolved By The Common Council Of The City Of Norwalk, That:

The Common Council President transmit as soon as possible a copy of this resolution to Senators Christopher Dodd and Joseph Lieberman, and Representative Christopher Shays, accompanied by a letter urging them to support Congressional efforts to assess the impact of the PATRIOT Act, monitor federal anti-terrorism tactics, repeal provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT and other laws and regulations that infringe on civil rights and liberties, and ensure that provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act "sunset" in accordance with the provisions of the Act.



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