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Inter-American Commission on Human Rights:
Petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (4/9/2008)
U.S. Supreme Court:
> El-Masri Cert. Petition (5/30/2007)
Appeals Court:
> Reply Brief for Plaintiff-Appellant (9/25/06)
> Amicus Brief of Former U.S. Diplomats (7/31/06)
> Plaintiff-Appellant's Opening Brief (7/25/06)
District Court:
> Order Granting Motion to Dismiss (5/12/06)
> Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (5/11/06)
> El-Masri Complaint (12/6/05)

> Background on the State Secrets Privilege
> Fact Sheet on Air CIA

> Extraordinary Rendition In Depth
> What Is Extraordinary Rendition?
> Off-Site Information: Links to articles and materials on Extraordinary Rendition

> Video: Q&A, November 29, 2006
> Photos: November 28, 2006
> Video: November 28, 2006 Press Conference

> Photo: Aircraft N313P
> Audio: A Conversation About CIA Torture
> Video: Outlawed (off-site)
> Video: Victims Testify in Geneva (7/14/2006)
> Video: Press Conference (12/6/2005)

> Photo: Aircraft N313P
> Flight logs for Aircraft N313P (11/22/2004) (PDF)
> Detention Cell: El-Masri's Sketch (PDF)
> El-Masri's Account of his Experiences

> ACLU Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Regarding Khaled El-Masri (12/8/2005)
    > Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's Response
> ACLU Letter to the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State regarding Khaled El-Masri (12/8/2005)
    > Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State's Response

> Innocent Victim Of CIA Extraordinary Rendition Program Takes Case To International Tribunal (4/9/2008)
> Federal Appeals Court Denies Day in Court for Victim of CIA Kidnapping, Citing State Secrets (3/2/2007)
> Anthony D. Romero Speaks About Extraordinary Rendition (11/29/2006)
> CIA Kidnap Victim Seeks Explanation and Apology (11/28/2006)
> Former US Diplomats Urge Court to Review Case of German Man Kidnapped by CIA (7/31/2006)
> US Human Rights Record Strongly Condemned by Leading International Body (7/28/2006)
> ACLU Appeals Case of German Man Kidnapped by CIA (7/25/2006)
> Day in Court Denied for Victim of CIA Kidnapping and Rendition, Khaled El-Masri (5/19/2006)
> ACLU Seeks Justice For Victim of CIA's Extraordinary Rendition (5/12/2006)
> ACLU Calls for US Accountability Before the UN Committee Against Torture (5/8/2006)
> ACLU Urges United Nations to Investigate CIA's "Extraordinary Rendition" (3/30/2006)
> ACLU Urges House Committee to Act on Torture and Extraordinary Rendition (2/8/2006)
> ACLU Challenges CIA Refusal to Admit Existence of Presidential Order on (12/12/2005)
> ACLU Seeks Clarification from Government on Comments About Innocent Victim (12/8/2005)
> ACLU Files Landmark Lawsuit Challenging CIA's "Extraordinary Rendition" of (12/6/2005)

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