Documents Released by the ACLU on 5/14/2008

A document listing at least four prisoner deaths that were the subject of Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) investigations, including new material on the Hatab case.
> Hatab (DOD059598)

A draft document apparently prepared for the signature of Brittan Mallow, who was commander of the Criminal Investigation Task Force at Guantánamo. In a previously released document dated December 2, 2002, Mallow instructs his unit to not participate in questionable interrogation methods being employed at Guantánamo. The attached memo appears to have been drafted for September 2002, and was intended to provide additional guidance to CITF agents on permissible interrogation methods. We do not know if it was ever finalized or circulated.
> CITF (199 DOD 059617-059618)

Other Documents Released:

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