Mike Pompeo: The Facts

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency plays a critical role in the development and implementation of intelligence policy involving national security and defense issues.

In his confirmation hearings, senators, the media, and the American public should closely examine his stances on key issues. The American public deserves a CIA director who will work within the bounds of the law and the Constitution to keep Americans safe.

The Facts

  • Called for Edward Snowden’s execution. (Source)
  • Criticized the Obama administration’s ban on enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding. (Source)
  • Labeled Muslims who fail to condemn acts of terrorism as “potentially complicit”. (Source)
  • Opposed same-sex marriage (Source)
  • Spoke at a conference organized by ACT! For America, which has been designated an extremist anti-Muslim hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Source)
  • Supports resumption and expansion of the NSA’s data collection program. (Source)
  • Called Roe v. Wade “one of the worst decisions” of the Supreme Court. (Source)
  • Against the closure of the Guantanamo detention facility. (Source)


  • Sponsored a bill to resume and expand the NSA’s data collection program. (Source)
  • Co-sponsored a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. (S0urce)
  • Defended interrogation techniques such as waterboarding and “rectal feeding” as “within the law”. (Source)
  • Voted to extend the Patriot Act’s “roving wiretaps” provision. (Source)
  • Co-sponsored legislation to prevent any detainees being transferred from the Guantanamo detention facility. (Source)

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