News and Resources in ACLU v. NSA

> ACLU Encourages Senate Rebellion on Spy Law (1/28/2008)
> ACLU Urges Senators to Stand Firm on FISA (1/25/2008)
> ACLU Condemns Senate Vote on Judiciary Amendment (1/24/2008)
> ACLU Says FBI Cannot Manage Checkbook (1/10/2008)
> ACLU Names Inside-the-Beltway 'Best and Worst' for Civil Liberties in 2007 (1/3/2008)
> ACLU Asks Full Spy Court to Reconsider Refusal to Release Legal Rulings (12/21/2007)
> FISA Court Denies Public Access to Records Concerning Wiretapping (12/11/2007)
> News: ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Review NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Case
> ACLU Condemns Bush Administration for Opposing Disclosure of FISA Court's Legal Rulings (8/31/2007)
> In Unprecedented Order, FISA Court Requires Bush Administration to Respond to ACLU's Request That Secret Court Orders Be Released to the Public (8/17/2007)
> ACLU Asks Secret Intelligence Court to Release Orders That Led to "Emergency" Wiretapping Legislation (8/8/2007)
> News: ACLU Condemns Senate for Passing Spy Law Changes
> News: ACLU Calls on Courts to Halt President’s Unchecked Spying
> News: Federal Court Strikes Down NSA Warrantless Surveillance Program
> ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Review NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Case 10/03/2007)
> ACLU Urges Senate to Move Ahead With Contempt Charges, Rejects Claims of Executive Privilege 10/02/2007)
> ACLU Blueprint for FISA, ACLU Urges Congress to Restore Judicial Review (9/25/2007)
> The ACLU Urges Congress to Be Skeptical of Administration Claims on FISA (9/20/2007)
> ACLU Urges House Panel to Get Answers From Spy Chief, Says FISA Legislation Needs to Be Fixed, Not Misrepresented (9/18/2007)
> Court Denies Government's Broad Assertions of Secrecy in Refusal to Turn Over NSA Eavesdropping Documents (9/05/2007)
> ACLU Urges House to Fix FISA Legislation, Warns Against Amnesty for Telecom Companies (9/05/2007)
> ACLU Condemns Bush Administration for Opposing Disclosure of FISA Court's Legal Rulings (8/31/2007)
> ACLU Condemns Spy Chief's Politically Motivated Disclosures About Government Surveillance, Renews Call for Release of Secret Court Orders (8/23/2007)
> ACLU Calls On Congress to Hold Administration in Contempt, Calls Latest Missed Spy Deadline Outrageous (8/20/2007)
> ACLU Condemns Senate for Passing Spy Law Changes (8/04/2007)
> ACLU Condemns Administration Circumvention of Spy Judge (8/02/2007)
> ACLU Warns Congress Against Rushing Spy Law Changes (7/31/2007)
> ACLU Slams Appeals Court Decision in NSA Surveillance Case (7/06/2007)
> ACLU Commends Spying Subpoenas (6/27/2007)
> ACLU to Keep Tabs on Spying Investigation (6/25/2007)
> ACLU Commends Congressional Subpoenas for Spy Documents (6/21/2007)
> ACLU Files New Challenge to Government's Secret Filings in NSA Case (6/14/2007)
> ACLU Hears Administration's Plan for Spying Law, Says Congress Cannot Legislate Without Investigating (6/12/2007)
> ACLU Asks Congress to Use Subpoena Powers for Spy Documents: Calls for an End to Warrantless Wiretapping (6/07/2007)
> Groups File Legal Papers Renewing Call For Release of NSA Wiretap Records (5/23/2007)
> ACLU Demands Update on Status of NSA Surveillance Program As Re-Authorization Deadline Passes (4/11/2007)
> MCLU Disappointed Phone Privacy Case Heading To California, Vows to Continue Fight For Privacy Rights (2/16/2007)
> ACLU: Congress Must Investigate Claims Gonzales Shut Down NSA Review to Escape Scrutiny (3/15/2007)
> ACLU Urges Key House Panel To Grill FCC on NSA Spying, NSL Abuses; Says Commission Has Duty to Protect American's Privacy (3/14/2007)
> US Civil Rights Commission Examines NSA Warrantless Spying, ACLU Urges Full Hearings, Thorough Inquiry (3/09/2007)
> Court Must Protect Americans from President’s Unchecked Spying, ACLU Argues (1/31/2007)
> ACLU Says Gonzales’ Release of NSA Surveillance Details A First Step, Calls on Congress to Conduct Vigorous Oversight (1/31/2007)
> Maine Public Utility Demands Verizon Tell the Truth About Cooperation with NSA (1/29/2007)
> ACLU Fights Government Legal Maneuvers to Delay Challenges to Datamining (1/25/2007)
> ACLU and CNSS Seek Records on Warrantless Mail Surveillance (1/22/2007)
> ACLU Calls on Lawmakers to Demand Accountability from Gonzales, Seeks Torture Memos and Answers on Increased Surveillance (1/18/2007)
> ACLU Throws Support Behind Shareholder Challenge to AT&T on Illegal NSA Spying (1/17/2007)
> Folding Under Pressure, Bush Administration Concedes Judicial Role Over NSA Spying Program (1/17/2007)
> Campaign Continues to End Unlawful Government Spying on Americans (1/9/2007)
> ACLU Calls for Answers and Oversight on President's Snooping Authority (1/4/2007)
> Scholar, Civil Rights, Law and Reporters' Groups Support Challenge to Illegal Spying (11/21/2006)
> Bush Wiretapping Program Violates Federal Laws and the Constitution (11/14/2006)
> ACLU Urges House to Reject President's Power Grab (9/28/2006)
> Booz Allen's Ties to Government Raise More Questions About SWIFT Program (9/26/2006)
> ACLU Decries Senate Republicans' Switch on NSA Spying Bill (9/25/2006)
> ACLU Slams House Panels' Approval of Wilson NSA Spying Bill (9/20/2006)
> ACLU Slams Senate Judiciary Committee's Approval of NSA Spying Bills (9/13/2006)

> FISA Court Order Denying ACLU Release of Court Records (12/11/2007)
> Reply of the ACLU in Support of Motion for Release of Court Records (9/14/2007)
> Government Opposition to ACLU Motion to Unseal (8/31/2007)
> "No Hereditary Kings:" Text of Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's 2006 Decision (8/17/2006)
> FISA Court Order (8/16/2007)
> Motion of the ACLU for Release of Court Records (8/8/2007)

> FISA Ads (1/22/2008)
> Consumer Rights and Government Accountability Group Letter to the Senate Regarding the FISA Amendments Act of 2007 and Telecom Immunity (1/22/2008)
> Coalition Letter to Senator Reid Regarding the FISA Amendments Act of 2007 and Telecom Immunity (1/22/2008)
> ACLU Teleconference on the FISA Amendments Act of 2007 and Telecom Immunity (1/22/2008)
> Blog: The Real Deal on Wiretapping Expansion (HuffingtonPost, 8/3/2007)
> BLOG: Plaintiffs, Experts, and Lawyers Comment on the Arguments (1/31/2007)
> VIDEO: Post-Argument Comments from the Courthouse Steps (1/31/2007)
> AUDIO: Arguments in ACLU v. NSA - January 31, 2007 (1/31/2007)
> AUDIO: Clients and Attorneys Discuss the ACLU v. NSA Case (1/31/2007)
> BLOG: Looking to Congress for Real Leadership (1/3/2007)
> BLOG: NSA Pre-Recess Endgame on the Hill (9/29/2006)
> BLOG: Report from the Cheney-Specter Mark-Up (9/8/2006)
> Myths and Facts: The Truth about FISA "modernization" (7/31/2007)
> AUDIO: Commentary and Arguments from the January 31 Hearing (1/30/2007)
> AUDIO: ACLU Responds to the Court Ruling (8/18/2006)
> Support of the Case from Friends-of-the-Court

> The ACLU's Clients in the Case (1/16/2006)
> When and Why Legal Action Was Taken (1/17/2006)
> U.S. Tries to Hide Kidnapping and Torture Practices Behind "State Secrets" Legal Privilege (2/1/2006)

> ACLU Comments to the FCC on AT&T-BellSouth Merger
> Thousands Speak Out On Illegal Spying
> National Town Hall Meetings
> Survey: American Attitudes Toward NSA Spying
> Conservative Voices Against Illegal NSA Spying
> Security Voices Against the Warrantless NSA Domestic Wiretaps
> Top Ten Myths About the Illegal NSA Spying Program
> Eavesdropping 101: What Can The NSA Do?
> Recent ACLU Advertisements
> NSA Spying on Americans is Illegal

> Congressional Research Service Report (PDF)
> Letter to Congress From Former government Officials and Law Professors (PDF)

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