Rex Tillerson: The Facts

The secretary of State is the nation’s chief diplomat, representing America abroad. An extremely influential position, the secretary has input into the development of a wide array of policy areas, including: LGBT rights, national security, and immigration.

In his coming confirmation hearings, Rex Tillerson’s views, statements, and past actions deserve close attention from lawmakers and the American public. Americans deserve a diplomat who represents the best of American values, at home and abroad.

The Facts

  • CEO of the only Fortune 500 company to have ever received a negative score on the HRC’s Equality Index. (source)
  • Eliminated anti-discrimination protections for LGBT employees of ExxonMobil. (source)
  • Resisted multiple attempts by shareholders to implement anti-discrimination corporate policies. (source)
  • Eliminated benefits for same-sex spouses of ExxonMobil employees. (source)
  • Accused of developing oil wells and pipelines on the sacred lands of Indigenous Peoples. (source)
  • The government has found “substantial evidence” of anti-gay bias in ExxonMobil’s hiring practices. (source)

Stay Informed