Speech by Genevieve Aguilar

Youth Delegation, Representing the ACLU of Washington

March for Women's Lives
Washington, DC

 Genevieve AguilarI stand here today fighting for the civil liberties and civil rights of those who are most vulnerable in our political system, and those who have the most to lose from threats to reproductive freedom.

These are poor women, young women, and women of color.

As a Latina and a Lesbian, I have often felt invisible to doctors and nurses because they do not recognize my reproductive health needs as a lesbian.

But I know all too well that I am not invisible to illness. I am not invisible to cervical cancer, breast cancer, or to sexually transmitted diseases.

We must fight for access to reproductive health services for all women.

For women such as my cousins in Tejas, who have had unintended pregnancies in their teens, because they didn't have access to information about contraceptives. This lack of information has now limited the opportunities they have in their life.

Mujeres, luchemos por nuestras vidas. Con el poder de informacion y aceso a servicios nos podemos salvar.

We must and we will protect our reproductive freedoms!

Thank you very much y Muchas gracias.

Stay Informed