Tips: What You Can Do To Make Schools Safer

In the Classroom

  • Establish classroom guidelines about name-calling  
  • Respect different points of view  
  • Address all name-calling immediately  
  • Take advantage of teachable moments  
  • Make no assumptions about students' families or their sexual orientation  
  • Recognize all family structures  
  • Educate using correct terminology  
  • Use sexual orientation neutral language  
  • Include LGBT books in the library  
  • Put up positive visuals and images  
  • Incorporate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues in curriculum if appropriate 

On Campus

  • Schedule staff development addressing LGBT issues  
  • Establish clear campus-wide anti-slur policy  
  • Address name-calling immediately  
  • Put up positive images and resources  
  • Include LGBT books in the library  
  • Have diversity days that are inclusive of LGBT people  
  • Celebrate the achievements of LGBT community  
  • Review school forms for sensitivity to diverse family structures  
  • Be inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues  
  • Support student efforts to create a gay/straight alliance 

In the District

  • Include sexual orientation in all anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies  
  • Create district-wide anti-slur policies  
  • Educate administrators regarding LGBT student issues  
  • Educate all staff on legal obligations and responsibilities  
  • Commit resources to address LGBT issues

Stay Informed