Torture FOIA - Documents Released by the ACLU

CID Report - March 28, 2006
Subject of Investigation: Investigation into allegation that Saudi Civilian captured in October 2003 was abused during interrogation by male U.S. soldier at an unknown location between Fallujah and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. Victim alleged that he was transported to an unknown detention facility and thrown off the truck with his eyes covered and his hands bound behind his back. He also charged that a man dressed in desert combat uniform interrogated him and stepped and ground his foot on a previous gunshot wound to victim's left thigh.

CID Report - September 14, 2004
Subject of Investigation: Death of Baha Daoud Salim on Sep 13, 3003 in Al-Hakimiya, Basrah, Iraq. File notes that investigation was prompted by ICRC receiving report about Salim dying in custody of coalition forces, and also about the abuse of eight unknown individuals. The offenses were investigated by British Forces, as the offenses occurred while the victims were under their operational control. The file notes: "Coordination with British Forces revealed Mr. Salim's cause of death to be Asphyxiation and his Manner of Death to be a "Potential Murder." As the British forces would not release a copy of their report, the identities of the remaining victims could not be determined.

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