Why We Need Non-Discrimination Laws, What You Can Do To Help

Matt Coles, LGBT Project director, on ending discrimination
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We need your help to lobby Congress. If you've experienced job discrimination, tell us your story. >> (off-site link)

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Help us end LGBT discrimination on the job. Congress is poised to introduce federal legislation outlawing LGBT discrimination in the workplace. But we still need your help to persuade lawmakers in Washington that LGBT job discrimination is a problem that demands immediate attention. Stories of discrimination put a public face on the issue and help change opinion. We need to hear from people who have been fired or refused a job because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We're looking for people from all walks of life and who have held all kinds of jobs: from fast food workers to brain surgeons. Your stories will be used to lobby Congress and state legislatures to pass anti-discrimination laws. Proof that you were fired or refused a job for being LGBT strengthens your story, but the proof doesn't have to be in writing. It could be something your boss said to you - before you were fired, as you were being fired or even during the interview process when you first applied for the job.


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