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The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv brought Daryl to Israel to promote conversation between diverse parts of multi-cultural Israeli society through music and through his personal example.
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Blues Musician Challenges White Supremacy One KKK Member at a Time

September 23, 2021

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As the political divide deepens through disinformation campaigns about the election results, vaccines, 9/11, and more, it can feel like unity and consensus are shrinking on the horizon. And yet, the only way to address the pandemic or the fault lines in our democracy is if we can bridge the divide and find an enclave of common ground.

Our guest today has decades of experience finding common ground and, in some cases, persuading people to change their minds about deeply held beliefs. Daryl Davis is a Blues musician by profession but has devoted a lifetime to reaching out to KKK members and starting a dialogue. Since he began the work, he has persuaded over 200 KKK members to leave the organization.

He joins us today to discuss how he manages to persuade people to abandon long-held beliefs and how these tactics might help the national crisis of polarization.

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This episode, Blues Musician Challenges White Supremacy One KKK Member at a Time, covers the following issues we work on –