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The Revolutionary Power of Teenage Girls

March 16, 2023

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Today we are talking about one of the most revolutionary forces in America — teenage girls. Throughout history, teenage girls have consistently stood on the frontlines for change.

At 16, Sybil Ludington outran Paul Revere in warning American troops of the impending threat of the British. At 15, Barbara Johns staged a school boycott that helped initiate Brown v. Board of Education. At 19, Heather Tobis tried to help herself and other girls around her navigate a pre-Roe world by starting Jane — a clandestine network that connected young women with access to safe abortions.

Never heard of these girls? Yeah, neither had we. The achievements and contributions of girls and young women are often under-recorded and dismissed. A new book, “Young and Restless: the Girls who Sparked America’s Revolutions,” by Mattie Kahn interrupts this cycle of erasure. Mattie brings to the forefront girls’ and young women’s trail-blazing activism, from the labor movement of the late 19th century to the fight against climate change now.

Author, writer, and editor Mattie Kahn joins us today to talk about the revolutionary power of girls, the challenges they face, and how they rise up consistently to meet the moment.

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