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This Supreme Court Case Could Upend Democracy

October 20, 2022

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The Supreme Court is set to hear a case this term that could upend the very foundation of our democracy: free and fair elections. In the case of Moore v. Harper, the Supreme Court will decide whether the North Carolina Supreme Court has the power to strike down the legislature’s gerrymandered congressional map for violating the state’s Constitution. The North Carolina legislators are arguing for an interpretation of the U.S. Constitution — known as the “independent state legislature theory” — that would render the state’s other branches of government and their checks and balances powerless in matters relating to federal elections, giving full power to partisan-majority state legislatures to determine how votes are cast and counted.

While this all may sound a little weedy, the stakes loom large. If the court sides with the North Carolina State legislature, Moore v. Harper, could change the face of our national elections and the rules that govern them. Joining us today to help break it all down are the ACLU’s National Legal Director David Cole and Senior Staff Attorney for the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, Ari Savitzky, who also happened to write the ACLU’s amicus brief for the case.

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