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Your Friendly Neighborhood Bank: The Post Office

May 6, 2021

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1 in 4 Americans are unbanked or underbanked. That’s because banks across the country are closing branches or they’re penalizing those who don’t have large savings. This means that 64 million Americans — disproportionately Black and Brown — can’t easily access basic financial services and are forced to pay thousands a year in fees for alternatives.

But one solution to this disparity is within our reach, it’s actually just down the street from you: the post office.

The Postal Service has the infrastructure to provide basic financial services at all of its branches. With an office in every ZIP code nationwide and trust within the community, banking at the most accessible institution in America could create a public option needed to put millions of families in greater control of their finances.

Joining us today to break down the specifics of Postal Banking is Rakim Brooks. Rakim is a Senior Campaign Strategist at the ACLU and is managing our new Systemic Equality campaign.

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