ACLU Comment on FCC Net Neutrality Plans

April 23, 2014 8:20 pm

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WASHINGTON – The Federal Communications Commission is reportedly planning to propose that internet service providers be allowed to charge content providers for a faster conduit to consumers, according to a media reports.

Gabe Rottman, legislative counsel and policy advisor with the American Civil Liberties Union, had this reaction:

“If true, this reversal would be a giant step in the wrong direction. Net neutrality ensures that new and innovative tech companies are not crowded out of the internet marketplace by the giants of the industry. Until consumers have a meaningful choice when connecting to the internet, monopolistic high-speed broadband providers will have an incentive to charge content providers more to connect to their customers. Net neutrality prevents that overcharge, which gets passed along to consumers and stifles innovation. If the FCC embraces this reported reversal in its stance toward net neutrality, barriers to innovation will rise, the marketplace of ideas on the internet will be constrained, and consumers will ultimately pay the price.”

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