October 6, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – The Department of Justice announced that 6,000 federal prisoners will be released between October 30 and November 2, some to halfway houses.They are eligible for release due to changes  in sentencing laws made retroactive by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. More prisoners will be released in the coming months and years.

Jesselyn McCurdy, Senior Legislative Counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union, had this comment:

“Today’s announcement is nothing short of thrilling because it carries justice.

“Far too many people have lost years of their lives to draconian sentencing laws born of the failed drug war. People of color have had to bear the brunt of these misguided and cruel policies. We are overjoyed that some of the people so wronged will get their freedom back.

“On Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the nation, we will continue to battle mass incarceration and its destruction of families and communities.”


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