ACLU Condemns Report that Biden Aims to Expel More People to Mexico Under the Title 42 Policy He Committed to End

September 14, 2022 6:15 pm

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WASHINGTON — Today, Reuters reported that President Joe Biden’s administration is quietly pressing Mexico to begin accepting migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela who the U.S. seeks to expel with no due process under the Title 42 order that the administration has publicly sought to end.

Jonathan Blazer, American Civil Liberties Union director of border strategies, issued the following response:

“News that the Biden administration is trying to expand expulsions under Title 42, while fighting for the policy’s end in court, is extremely concerning. Title 42 has blocked people fleeing violence and persecution from seeking safety in the U.S. for over two years and has led to thousands of instances of violent attacks, including rape, torture, and abduction.

“Moreover, Title 42 doesn’t fix anything at the border – it creates disorder by incentivizing people to make multiple attempts at crossing. President Biden should be consistently working to restore fair access to asylum as he promised, not pressuring Mexico to to receive migrants who have a right to seek safety in the U.S., where many of them have family and support networks waiting to welcome them.”

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