January 19, 2018

WASHINGTON--The U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia has dropped all charges against 129 people facing felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the Inauguration Day 2017 protest. Charges against 59 defendants are pending in D.C. Superior Court.

Scott Michelman, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU of the District of Columbia, issued the following statement:

“The US Attorney has essentially admitted it never had the evidence to charge these innocent people in the first place, and we’re gratified to see they’ve come to their senses. For a full year, the government’s abusive prosecution has upended the lives of these defendants, who’ve endured the anxiety of multiple court hearings and suffered disruptions to their educations or careers while facing the prospect of more than 60 years in prison. We hope the government continues to carefully examine the evidence it has against the remaining 59 defendants, at least some of whom we continue to believe are innocent.”

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