ACLU of Nevada Fights Anti-Immigrant Ballot Measure at the State Supreme Court

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May 9, 2018 9:30 am

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The ACLU of Nevada on Tuesday fought an anti-immigrant ballot measure at the state supreme court.

The measure seeks to amend the Nevada Constitution to prohibit so-called “sanctuary cities” in all jurisdictions. The ACLU of Nevada successfully challenged the measure in January, showing that the measure is misleading to voters because it fails to identify many ways in which the law would affect our communities if passed. The measure also violates Nevada’s single-subject rule for ballot measures, because it could affect numerous topics including law enforcement, asylum, and international treaties.

ACLUNV’s co-counsel in Haley v. Prevent Sanctuary Cities PAC, attorney Marc Elias of Perkins Coie LLP, argued the case before a full panel of Nevada Supreme Court Justices.

“Nevada voters cannot make an informed decision if they are not given all of the facts. The language of this initiative petition is vague and misleading and covers a wide swath of laws. We are honored to fight for accountability on behalf of Nevada voters,” said ACLU of Nevada Legal Director Amy Rose.

Our plaintiffs chose to fight this deficient initiative because they know it could harm Nevada families:

“Tu Casa Latina works extensively with women and children who are the victims of crimes and violence, so I know that forcing local police to work as immigration officers will only force vulnerable women and children into the shadows and into further victimization. Immigrant crime victims and their children are afraid that courthouses are not safe for them. They’re even afraid to ask for protections available to them under law,” said Daysi Rodriguez of Tu Casa Latina.

“Nevada’s immigrant families are at risk under this mass deportation agenda. Now moms and dads who have been working to make better lives for their children are afraid of being ripped away from their loved ones. Children born in Nevada are terrified that an undocumented relative, who has not been a priority for deportation because they do not have a criminal record, will now be taken away by federal agents,” said Theresa Navarro.

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