February 22, 2019

The ACLU of South Dakota commends the Senate State Affairs Committee for deferring House Bill 1108 to the 41st day.

The ACLU of South Dakota opposed House Bill 1108, legislation that would have banned instruction on gender dysphoria and would have codified discrimination against transgender youth.

“We’re thrilled with the committee’s decision kill this bill, sending a clear message of inclusion and acceptance for our transgender friends and neighbors,” said Libby Skarin, policy director for the ACLU of South Dakota. “No one is harmed by allowing teachers, administrators and counselors to create a safe and welcoming educational environment for transgender students in our public schools.

In addition to the ACLU of South Dakota, organizations like the School Administrators of South Dakota, the Human Rights Campaign, the Large School Group of South Dakota, Equality South Dakota, the South Dakota Education Association, the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, Leaders Engaged and Determined South Dakota and the National Social Workers Association, South Dakota Chapter opposed House Bill 1108.

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