ACLU Statement on Nomination of Head of Civil Rights at Department of Justice

June 29, 2017 3:45 pm

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WASHINGTON — President Trump nominated today Eric Dreiband to serve as the head of the Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice.

Jesselyn McCurdy, deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union Washington Legislative Office, issued the following statement:

“Dreiband has made a career going against women and LGBT rights. As a lawyer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under President George W. Bush, Dreiband testified before Congress against legislation that would prevent wage discrimination. As a private attorney, Dreiband represented organizations seeking religious exemptions to avoid providing contraceptive coverage for women in the workplace. He also argued on behalf of the University of North Carolina in support of a law that discriminates against trans people.

“With a history of restricting civil rights, Drieband’s record must be thoroughly examined and weighed for his fitness to serve in the position that is supposed to advocate for the rights of all Americans, regardless of their background. We will watch Dreiband closely, and urge senators to ask the tough questions during his confirmation process.”

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