ACLU of Utah Publishes "Know Your Rights" Advisory Guide for Utah Education Professionals

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November 16, 2020 11:00 am

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Earlier this month, the ACLU of Utah published an updated version of “Free Speech Rights of Public-School Teachers and Staff in Utah,” a Know Your Rights advisory guide for education professionals employed in K-12 settings.


Download the guide as a PDF

This 4-page pamphlet, updated to address issues and trends relevant in 2020, is designed to help teachers, staff members, administration officials, and school board members navigate these complex First Amendment issues.

Please note that nothing in this document should be considered as legal advice or related to any specific issue. Educational professionals with a specific concern should contact the ACLU of Utah or an attorney.

Like students, public school teachers and staff retain First Amendment rights both inside and outside school settings. However, because teachers and school staff are public employees, understanding the breadth of these rights can be complex.

This guide addresses questions like, “Can I wear items conveying political or religious opinions in the classroom?” and “Is my speech to colleagues during breaks or casual conversations protected?” It also provides context on how speech outside of school can be viewed differently than speech inside a school or classroom.

The ACLU of Utah is also updating a Know Your Rights advisory guide for students enrolled in K-12 schools in Utah. This guide was last revised in 2018, and we anticipate releasing this new guide later this month.

If you have questions about the information or advice contained within “Free Speech Rights of Public-School Teachers and Staff in Utah,” please contact ACLU of Utah Legal Director John Mejia or Immigrants’ Rights Legal Fellow Valentina De Fex at the details below.

Download the guide as a PDF

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