Election Protection Hotline Live For Early Voting

Nevadans Can Report Voting Problems by Calling 866-OUR-VOTE

Affiliate: ACLU of Nevada
May 20, 2020 2:45 pm

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LAS VEGAS—The Let Nevadans Vote coalition is operating its statewide Election Protection Program during the primaries for the first time this year. Nevadans can call 866-OUR-VOTE to report voting issues.

Let Nevadans Vote is a coalition dedicated to protecting voting rights. Member organizations include the ACLU of Nevada, Silver State Voices, and Battle Born Progress. The coalition will monitor the hotline and send observers to monitor in-person polling places during early voting and on Primary Election Day.

This is the first time the coalition has operated the Election Protection Program for a primary. With so many recent changes to Nevada’s voting procedures, Let Nevadans Vote is eager to act as a watchdog for any implementation issues and to make sure every eligible voter has the chance to cast a ballot.

In 2019, the Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Bill 345, a voting rights package that codifies electoral best-practices and will empower Nevadans with greater access to their right to vote while securing our elections. With these reforms, there are far fewer scenarios in which a Nevadan will be turned away from the polls:

— AB345 allows county and city clerks to designate polling places where anyone registered in their county or city may vote.

— Voters can register or update their registration online. With extended deadlines, voters can register online during the early vote period and on Election Day.

— AB345 created the ability for Nevadans to register on the day of an election. This will combat voter suppression by preventing Nevadans from being turned away because of clerical errors or missing arbitrary deadlines.

— Anyone can request absentee ballots for all elections, rather than having to request every election. This is a huge benefit for anyone deployed overseas, folks with disabilities, and the elderly.

2020 is also the first major election to take place since Nevada voters approved Automatic Voter Registration in 2018.

ACLU of Nevada Policy Director Holly Welborn said:

“We’re here as a resource for Nevadans exercising their right to vote. These are unprecedented circumstances for an election in Nevada. This is the state’s first election cycle with automatic and same-day voter registration, and most people in the state are not used to voting by mail.”

Silver State Voices Executive Director Emily Persaud-Zamora said:

“In 2018, we saw that only 9% of Nevada voters cast their ballot by mail. We know that for many communities this will be the first time that they cast their ballot by mail. Our program is dedicated to ensuring that all Nevadans have the information and access to cast their ballot successfully in a safe manner.”

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