FCC Proposes Net Neutrality Rules

September 22, 2009 12:00 am

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New Regulations Will Offer Greater First Amendment Protection Online, Says ACLU

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WASHINGTON – On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed expanded “net neutrality” guidelines that would require Internet service providers to treat all content and applications equally, regardless of their origin or messaging. The American Civil Liberties Union strongly supports these principles put forth by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, which would offer much needed First Amendment protections. The FCC is also calling on operators to make their management practices transparent to users, offering greater consumer protections.

Without net neutrality, network providers can block or slow down access to sites they don’t like. They can also determine what services and equipment users can access, dictate whether users are allowed to visit popular chat rooms or play popular games and assign higher fees for popular downloads. The net neutrality rules proposed by the FCC are an important step in keeping the Internet free for all users.

The following can be attributed to Christopher Calabrese, ACLU Legislative Counsel:

“The Internet is the greatest forum for free speech ever created, and these net neutrality principles, if adopted, will ensure access to the wide variety of information and services available online. The rules proposed by the Chairman Genachowski will allow the American public to choose how it accesses and uses the Internet without interference from some corporate monopoly. The ACLU wholeheartedly supports the FCC in its efforts to make the Internet a free marketplace of ideas. We must remain vigilant against any attempt by telecommunications corporations or cable companies to restrict content and services, stifling freedom and innovation online.”

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