April 21, 2015

LAS VEGAS - With today’s failure of AB 375, the proponents intent to legalize state sanctioned discrimination and segregation thankfully will not become law.

“AB 375 stood in direct contravention to Nevada’s efforts to create a safe and respectful learning environment, violating the requirements of Title IX, and impermissibly intruding on the privacy of transgender students,” said Amy Rose, legal director.

Proponents of AB 375 specifically exempted it from Nevada’s strong public accommodation law (NRS 651.050) because they knew it violated not only the letter, but the spirit of the existing law that protects all Nevadans from discrimination. Nevada’s students remain protected under our existing laws.

“This bill wasn’t even a thinly-veiled attempt--it was discrimination against of a class of people pure and simple--we will not stand for this type of torment, bullying, or discrimination,” said Tod Story, executive director. “Claiming to ‘accommodate’ students by segregating them to separate facilities in AB 375, discriminated against those students it singled out for separate facilities, and we believe violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment."

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