Setting the Record Straight On Residency Requirements

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November 5, 2020 3:15 pm

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LAS VEGAS—The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is committed to ensuring every eligible vote cast in the 2020 general election gets counted.

This year Nevadans had more options to cast a ballot than ever before, including by mail, drop off, by voting in-person early or on Election Day. Politicians and campaigns that want to inject chaos into our secure elections processes may try to frame this as a weakness, but the robust options afforded to Nevada voters is a strength of our democracy — the record voter turnout we’ve seen this year is proof.

Earlier today the Trump campaign made misleading claims about residency requirements. The ACLUNV wants all Nevadans to understand their voting rights and will work to correct misinformation.

  • Nevada voters do not lose their eligibility to vote or void their registration when they leave the state temporarily, even for long periods of time. Nevadans may travel for 30 days or more and still cast a ballot in the Silver State. Nevadans can attend an out-of-state university and make use of our absentee ballot process. Active members of the armed forces residing in Nevada but deployed overseas can vote in Nevada elections.
  • Under federal law, otherwise eligible voters are exempt from requirements that they reside in a state for any amount of time in order to cast a vote in a presidential election. An American who moved within 30 days before an election has a right to vote in a presidential race in their new state of residence or they may cast a ballot in their prior state of residence in-person or via absentee ballot.

ACLU of Nevada Staff Attorney Nikki Levy said:

“We need to resist attempts to inject misinformation and doubt into our secure elections processes. It is the voters, and not politicians, who will decide the outcome, and we will fight to make sure every vote is counted. The ACLU of Nevada is watching to be sure this election remains fair and we are prepared to fight if any serious cases are filed.”

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