ACLU lawyers and advocates are among the nation’s leading experts on civil liberties and constitutional freedoms. They are regularly sought out by leading broadcast, print and online media to lend an essential voice to the conversation about some of the most important issues facing the nation.

The ACLU has media staff in New York to handle inquiries from journalists on national issues affecting civil liberties and in Washington to help with questions on legislative matters that touch on civil liberties and constitutional freedoms.

To schedule an interview with an ACLU expert:

Email or call (212) 549-2666 for the National Office.
Email or call (202) 417-7547 for the Washington D.C. office.

The ACLU also has a studio available in New York with a fiber optic line for live and taped TV interviews. Broadcast interviews can also be conducted via Skype.

Below are some of the many issues in which ACLU experts are actively engaged, and  the experts who are available for interviews. (For a full list of issues, click here.)


Voting Rights

From requiring voters to show ID to restrictions on early voting, the ACLU is vigorously fighting efforts nationwide to limit the most fundamental civil right. FIND ACLU EXPERTS ON THIS ISSUE »


Anti-Immigrant Laws

The ACLU has joined in the battle to overturn unconstitutional laws aimed at undocumented immigrants that often ensnare legal residents who fall victim to racial profiling. FIND ACLU EXPERTS ON THIS ISSUE »


Reproductive Freedom

Numerous states are attempting to pass draconian laws that would all but ban abortion, while religious groups want to overturn requirements to include contraception with their insurance coverage. FIND ACLU EXPERTS ON THIS ISSUE »


Gene Patenting

The ACLU is the lead counsel in a closely watched case that seeks to invalidate patents for two genes linked to ovarian and breast cancer. These patents limit access to potentially life-saving genetic tests. FIND ACLU EXPERTS ON THIS ISSUE »



From the rampant growth of private prisons to the indiscriminate use of solitary confinement, the nation's corrections system is in serious need of reform. FIND ACLU EXPERTS ON THIS ISSUE »


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