Commitments to Anti-racism Ring Hollow

Fairfax Financial is the Last Big Insurance Holdout in the Dying Bail Industry

This report from the ACLU and Color Of Change details the deep and troubling ties between Canadian insurance conglomerate Fairfax Financial and the for-profit bail industry. The report, which sheds new light on Fairfax’s role as the largest financial holding company underwriting for-profit bail in the U.S., explores the role of Fairfax and its subsidiaries in perpetuating money bail and blocking critical reform measures — even as the company speaks out against anti-Black racism. 

In 2020, Fairfax CEO and Chairman Prem Watsa accepted a position as co-chair of the recently formed Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism. Mr. Watsa’s commitment to anti-Black racism is necessary and laudable. But it rings hollow in the face of his company’s role as the larger backer of for-profit bail bonds.


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