Human Rights Program Reports

Since HRP's inception in 2004, the program has been responsible for researching human rights issues domestically and abroad and developing reports that have and continue to support the work of the ACLU. Our reports have covered topics such as mass incarceration, systemic racism, immigration, protest, and juvenile sentencing to name a few. In addition to having a direct impact on legal and political advocacy across the country, our reports center the stories and lived experiences of directly impacted people and have often contributed to positive changes for their communites. 

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Protest During a Pandemic Cover


Revoked Report cover


Set Up to Fail Report cover

Protesting During a Pandemic: State Responses During COVID-19
April 2021


Revoked: How Probation and Parole Feed Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
July 2020


Set Up to Fail: Montana’s Probation and Parole Systems
September 2018






You Miss So Much Report cover


Defending Dissent Report cover


Freezing Out Justice Report cover

"You Miss So Much When You're Gone": The Lasting Harm of Jailing Mothers Before Trial in Oklahoma
September 2018


Defending Dissent: Towards State Practices that Project and Promote the Rights to Protest
June 2018


Freezing Out Justice: How Immigration Arrests at Courthouses are Undermining the Justice System
May 2018






A Pound of Flesh Report cover


False Hope Report cover


Every 25 Seconds Report cover

A Pound of Flesh: The Criminalization of Private Debt
February 2018


False Hope: How Parole Systems Fail Youth Serving Extreme Sentences
November 2016


Every 25 Seconds: The Human Toll of Criminalizing Drug Use in the US
October 2016






Lethal in Disguise Report cover


American Exile Report cover


With Liberty to Monitor All Report cover

Lethal In Disguise: The Health Consequences of Crowd-Control Weapons
March 2016


American Exile: Rapid Deportations that Bypass the Courtroom
December 2014


With Liberty to Monitor All: How Large-Scale US Surveillance is Harming Journalism, Law and American Democracy
July 2014






A Living Death Report cover


Take Back the Streets Report cover


Growing Up Locked Down Report cover

A Living Death: Life Without Parole for Nonviolen Offenses
November 2013


"Take Back the Streets": Repression and Criminalization of Protest Around the World
October 2013


Growing Up Locked Down: Youth Solitary Confinement in Jails and Prisons Across the United States
October 2012






Island of Impunity Report cover


Victims of Complacency Report cover


Slamming the Courthouse Doors Report cover

Island of Impunity: Puerto Rico's Outlaw Police Force
June 2012


Victims of Complacency: The Ongoing Trafficking and Abuse of Third Country Nationals by U.S. Government Contractors
June 2012


Slamming the Courthouse Doors: Denial of Access to Justice and Remedy in America
December 2010






Deportation by Default Report cover


Persistence of Racial and Ethnic Profiling Report cover


Impairing Education Report cover

Deportation by Default: Mental Disability, Unfair Hearings, and Indefinite Detention in the US Immigration System
July 2010


The Persistence of Racial and Ethnic Profiling in the United States: A Follow-Up Report to the U.N. CERD
August 2009


Impairing Education: Corporal Punishment of Students with Disabilities in U.S. Public Schools
August 2009






Blocking Faith Report cover


A Violent Education Report cover


Soldiers of Misfortune Report cover

Blocking Faith, Freezing Charity: Chilling Muslim Charitable Giving in the “War on Terrorism Financing”
June 2009


A Violent Education: Corporal Punishment of Children in U.S. Public Schools
August 2008


Soldiers of Misfortune: Abusive U.S. Military Recruitment and Failure to Protect Child Soldiers
May 2008






Race and Ethnicity in America Report cover


Broken Promises Report cover


Custody and Control Report cover

Race & Ethnicty in America: Turning a Blind Eye to Injustice
December 2007


Broken Promises: 2 Years After Katrina
August 2007


Custody and Control: Conditions of Confinement in New York’s Juvenile Prisons for Girls
September 2006






Abandoned and Abused Report cover


Witness to Abuse Report cover



Abandoned & Abused: Orleans Parish Prisoners in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
August 2006


Witness to Abuse: Human Rights Abuses under the Material Witness Law Since September 11
June 2005









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