Fight Back Against the Attacks on Women's Health

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UPDATE 1/28/2014: On Jan. 28th, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 7 - a deeply misguided measure that represents the worst kind of government interference in private, medical decisions. It is an insidious attempt to eliminate insurance coverage for abortion and deny all women access to the health care they need. With 227 congress members voting yes, it is crucial that we firmly stand together and fight these attacks on basic health care for women.

States across the country are in competition with each other to pass the most extreme abortion bans and the cruelest attacks on women's health care.

During the 2013 state legislative session over 300 anti-abortion restrictions were introduced. From motorcycle vaginas to claims that “women don't get pregnant that often from rape," we have seen some politicians and their political allies go to ridiculous lengths to push through anti-choice measures. These measures aim to cut access to the basic health and reproductive services that so many women rely on.

These politicians MUST think we are stupid if they think we want politicians playing doctor.

Show politicians where you stand by signing the pledge to stand up for women's health.

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"I stand with men, women and families across the country who believe in a woman's right to make personal, private health care decisions. I will do everything in my power to protect a woman's access to health care and her ability to make the best decisions for herself and her family, free from political interference."

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