Tell Martha Raddatz: Put a woman's right to choose on the agenda at the debate

The presidential candidates debated domestic issues for 90 minutes last week and not a word was spoken about a woman's right to choose, access to contraception or federal funding for family planning services.

This happened even though the war on women and its consequences have had devastating consequences for millions of women all across America.

Tell debate moderator Martha Raddatz: Make sure access to abortion and contraception aren't ignored in the Vice Presidential debate.


Dear Martha Raddatz,

I am writing to express the importance of prioritizing women's health when the vice presidential candidates debate in Kentucky on Thursday.

The American people deserve to hear – straight from the candidates' mouths – where they stand on insurance coverage for contraception, access to abortion, federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and other issues important to women and families.

I urge you to put choice on the agenda when the candidates debate.


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