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(released by the government12/30/2004, released by the ACLU 01/24/05)

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Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/12/2003    CID Investigation establishing that four enlisted men from 1/327th Inf. Rgt.  committed burglary, aggravated assault, larceny, and other crimes in connection with the theft of 56,000 Dinar from several Iraqi residences at night. Victim statements indicated that the soldiers entered Iraqi homes and pointed guns at residents while searching their homes. Three soldiers received bad-conduct discharges, confinement of 3 or 4 years, and reduction in rank after being found guilty at court-martial. One received a Ch. 10 administrative discharge.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 6/23/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by detainee that US forces had punched him in the stomach while transporting him to Abu Ghraib. Investigation terminated b/c victim refused to provide further information to investigators.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 6/3/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by detainee that U.S. forces held him at Dhyla al Mokhadia (an Iraqi Civil Defense Corp. (ICDC) facility) for three days, blindfolded and with hands restrained, and without food or drink. Troops took him to a small room where he was kicked and hit on the head and back with an unknown object during interrogations. (He was subsequently detained at Baghdad Airport and at Abu Ghraib, where he made his report to a medical officer.) The detainee showed scars on his back which he claimed resulted from this abuse. Coincidentally, the same CID agent who investigated the allegations was present earlier, when the detainee was processed, and had questioned him about the scars since the agent believed they "looked like whip marks." At that earlier time, the detainee had repeatedly stated that the marks were from a car accident. The agent confronted the detainee with this earlier story and the detainee said he had never seen the agent before. The agent concluded that the detainee was fabricating the abuse allegation.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 2/6/2004    CID Investigation established probable cause to believe that a Lt. Col. had issued a death threat and fired his pistol next to the head of a detainee (an Iraqi police officer suspected of being part of a plot to assassinate U.S. troops) during an interrogation, and that four enlisted soldiers and a female civilian interpreter had punched and kicked the detainee "numerous times while they were interrogating him." Statements in the file indicate that the beatings lasted for approximately an hour and that during this period a soldier (or the translator) brandished a knife at the detainee and told him that she would cut him with it. Soldiers were all from 2-20th Field Artillery Bn., 4th Inf. Div. All the soldiers received non-judicial punishments: none was discharged, and even the NJPs -- such as reduction in rank -- were mostly "suspended," meaning that they would not go into effect unless the soldier committed another offense within six months. No indication that the interpreter was sanctioned or recommended for investigation or prosecution.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 6/9/2003    CID Investigation into allegation that two soldiers from 1/9 Field Artillery entered two Iraqi civilian homes by force, stole two briefcases containing valuables and cash from one home, stole jewlery from the other home, pointed weapons at the families while searching the houses, and discharged a weapon two times in an attempt to scare the residents.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/19/2003    CID Investigation into allegation that NCO and soldier from 19th Quartermaster Co., 240th QM Bn. pushed an Iraqi civilian into the back of their truck, drove 4.7 miles to an isolated area, robbed him of his watch and money, and punched him in the face, causing him to lose consciousness.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/1/2004    CID Investigation into detainee allegation, submitted 1/18/04, re abuse at Abu Ghraib.  Detainee also stated that he had witnessed a translator forcibly sodomizing a male juvenile detainee while a female U.S. soldier observed and took pictures. CID did not investigate the allegation until 5/28/04. CID identified the victim and witness but could not locate them via the records at the prison or the Ministry of Justice. The translator denied having sexual intercourse with a male detainee. CID closed the investigation because "the Special Agent in Charge determined further of the [sic] investigation would be of little or no value."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 6/10/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by 73-year-old Iraqi woman that she had been subjected to assault and sexual abuse, including being sodomized with a stick and touched in private areas; that a male detainee was disrobed in front of her; and that a dog was let loose in a room where she and three other Iraqi women were being held, attacking one of the other women. She also said that her captors placed her in a room with another detainee and asked if she knew him. She responded that he was a famous man always on the television. Detainee reported abuse on 4/29/04 or earlier. The file indicates that the woman was captured by Task Force 20, which an email describes as "a Delta Force outfit comprised of about 750 to 1500 troops from various units. Their job was to track High Value Targets." The investigation "did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove Ms [REDACTED]'s allegation...."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 10/2/2003    CID Investigation into allegation that two NCOs and two enlisted men from B Co.. 1/36th Inf. Rgt., 1st Armored Div. severely assaulted several detained youths on 6/11/03 while the detainees' heads were covered with sandbags and their hands restrained with flexi-cuffs. The assaults, as described by other soldiers, included beating a juvenile's head against the wall. The same soldiers physically struck and abused three detainees in a separate incident on 6/29/03, causing a broken collar bone, fractured ribs, a partial collapsed lung, facial fracture, and bowel problems. The soldiers routinely stole money, referred to as the "Robin Hood Tax," from detainees to purchase sodas, food, ice, beer, whiskey and gin for their platoon. A charge of dereliction of duty applied to one additional NCO. All three NCOs had summary courts-martial: one (the supervisor who condoned the assaults) received a reprimand and fine; another was reduced in grade to private first class and placed in custody for 60 days; the summary court-martial dismissed charges as to the third. The two enlisted men received Chapter 10 discharges.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 5/31/2004    CID Investigation into the death of Hamza Hassad Tawfeek Najm BYATY. Mr. Byaty had been detained at Baghdad Int'l Airport and was being transported in a bus when he  became short of breath, hypotensive and tachycardic.  An IV briefly improved his symptoms but he died shortly thereafter. AFIP declared death natural with cause "Undetermined Atraumatic Cause."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/20/2004    CID Investigation into allegation that U.S. soldier repeatedly punched detainee in the stomach and that Kurds kicked him in the legs during interrogation in a small room at BIAP. Detainee also stated that his eyes were covered with blackout goggles but that the goggles were removed during interrogation and when he went to the bathroom. File indicates that detainee was under interrogation by a member of the Army's 5th Special Forces Group, 2nd Battallion, and was detained and interrogated in a facility at Radwaniya Palace Complex at the Baghdad Airport. The facility was operated by the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Arabian Peninsula. Investigation concluded that the detainee's allegation was unfounded because he provided a written statement that did not reflect the same details as originally reported and the personnel who attended the interrogation denied any abuse took place.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/23/2004    CID Investigation into abuse allegations by two detainees. One detainee stated that he was arrested by U.S. forces on 4/23/04 and then taken to a house near Adhamiya Palace where he was held for 15-16 days, punched in the face and ribs until he lost consciousness, forced to drink urine, electrically shocked on his leg and hand, hit on his kneecap with a wooden object, had his hands tied behind him while his head was dunked in a bucket of water, threatened with anal rape, and denied food and water. According to this detainee, an Iraqi man committed the abuse but U.S. forces were present; one U.S. soldier allegedly placed his penis on the detainee's head. Another detainee stated that he was arrested on 4/30/04 and kept in the basement of a house where he was punched in the ribs and had his head dunked in a bucket of water. Investigation established that ODA 554, 5th Special Forces Group, had arrested and detained these two individuals in their "team house" near Adhamiyah Palace. Medical exams several weeks later found no physical signs of torture or abuse on one detainee and dismissed bruising on the hips of the other as not being consistent with being hit or kicked. Two members of ODA 554 were interviewed and denied ever abusing any detainee. Investigation was terminated as unfounded.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/17/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by Iraqi civilian reported that an NCO from the 1/325th Inf. Bn. stole $2,600 from the trunk of his car after stopping him at a checkpoint. The soldier denied the allegation. The investigation did not develop any witnesses to the theft of the funds.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 12/19/2003    CID Investigation into allegations by U.S. soldier re detainee abuse.  On Nov. 14, 2003, soldier provided a sworn statement saying that while he was deployed to Iraq, he "saw what I think were war crimes.... In my mind, my chain of command did nothing to stop these war crimes, and allowed them to happen."  The soldier stated that at Camp Red, Baghdad, he had seen Iraqi detainees "with sand bags on their heads, standing on a brick with their hands behind their head, and concertina wire all around them. If they got off the brick they were manhandled. A lot of pictures were taken at the time .... Many show the mistreatment or crimes against the people that were caught at Camp Red. ... [Detainees] were put out in the open pavement where they would be made to sit for 6 to 12 hours at a time in the heat and sun. Their hands would be tied behind their backs, sometimes turning their hands purple. We were told by our [NCO] not to give them food or water...." The soldier said he had seen detainees being pushed and kicked by U.S. troops "every day [he] went down there." The soldier was also told that a Bradley fighting vehicle was sometimes backed up towards detainees who had been put on the ground in order to "spook" the detainees. Three soldiers and an officer from B Co., 3rd Batallion, 7th Inf. Rgt., which was in charge of Camp Red (apparently a former nuclear research facility), acknowledged that detainees were hooded and restrained at times, but denied mistreating them. Investigation closed for "insufficient evidence to prove or disprove" the allegations.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 5/23/2003    CID Investigation found probable cause to believe that the commander and three other members of Operational Detachment-Alpha 343, 3rd Special Forces Group, had committed the offenses of murder and conspiracy when they lured Mohamed Sayari, an Afghan civilian, into an roadblock, detained him, and killed him. Investigation further found probable cause to believe that a fifth Special Forces soldier had been an accessory after the fact and that the team's commander had instructed a soldier to destroy incriminating photographs of Sayari's body. No court-martial or Article 32 hearing was convened. One soldier was given a written reprimand. None of the others received any punishment at all.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/8/2003    CID Investigation established probable cause to believe that a soldier from C Co., 2/8th Inf. Bn., 4ID stole money from an Iraqi civilian at a checkpoint, and threatened the civilian with his rifle when he refused to leave without his money.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 5/16/2003    CID Investigation into allegation by juvenile detainee that a guard from the 320th MP Bn. had twisted his arm while removing a piece of fruit from his hand. (The guard had accused him of stealing the fruit.) The detainee's elbow dislocated as a result. Investigation did not establish probable cause to believe that assault had been committed. File indicates that as of approximately 5/3/2003 11 juveniles were detained in one compound at Camp Bucca.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/5/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by detainee captured in Mid-April, 2004 at his house in Ammaria, held at a U.S. facility in Ammaria, then transferred to Baghdad Airport and, finally, Abu Ghraib. At Ammaria, two U.S. soldiers walked on his feet, back, and head, and pointed a rifle against his head. The soldiers came back in the middle of the night and forced him and other detainees to drink a water bottle filled with urine. Investigation was terminated because "further of the investigation would be of little or no value."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/30/2004    CID CID review of an MP investigation revealed that nine members of Howitzer Battery, 2/3 Armored Cav. Rgt., may have been involved in a criminal conspiracy to rob Iraqi citizens of currency during Traffic Control Point operations. Investigation closed because "action commander indicated an intent to take action amounting to less than a court proceeding."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/3/2004    CID Investigation into report by the senior Counterintelligence Technician, 1st Brigade Combat Team, enclosing sworn statements of two detainees concerning abuse by members of the 2nd Squadron, 5th Cavalry. The detainees' sworn statements are not included in the released portion of the file; nor is any other information detailing the allegations. Major [REDACTED] from the 2-5th had previously conducted a 15-6 Investigation (also not released) and concluded that no evidence existed to support the allegations; however, the Counterintelligence Technician who reported the abuse to CID also reported that his soldiers believed the Major was "just going through the motion[s]" and "seemed disinterested in what [the soldiers] had to provide." Nevertheless, the CID investigation appears to have largely relied on that 15-6 investigation, and concluded that the allegations were unfounded.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/26/2004    CID Investigation initiated at request of CID Headquarters re May 11, 2004 Los Angeles Times article by Tracy Wilkinson indicating that one female detainee was raped and another was forced to disrobe in front of male guards. The investigation was terminated because "a throrough investigation failed to produce any identifiable subjects, all investigative leads were exhausted in attempts to identify and interview the alleged victim and there was no serious injury and/or substantial loss of government or personal property."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/28/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by detainee that he was tortured at a U.S. facility in Mosul. Detainee indicated that after being arrested but before arriving at the facility, his captors -- American men in civilian clothes -- bent his thumb backwards, kicked him, and hit him with the butt of a weapon in the back of the neck. At the facility, which was very cold, he was stripped; allowed only two limited periods of sleep in seven days, and prevented from sleeping by being subjected to loud recordings and being doused with cold water; given only eight biscuits to eat in seven days; assaulted by a translator; and pressed on his joints by U.S. personnel in a manner causing severe pain and temporary paralysis. After his head was hit against a wall, causing him to bleed from his nose and mouth, and causing permanent loss of balance, he was taken to a hospital. However, he was later retreived by the same team of captors and "I had the same ways of previous torturing, as well as pouring hot liquid on my back, and sitting me close to fire, which resulted in burning a part of my right leg, and they put a very hot lamp on my thigh for a very short time. At the end they threatened me that they would bring my wife and my mother and that they would rape them if I did not confess. When I asked them to bring a paper and write whatever they want, I would sign it without any objection." Detainee displayed healed burn scars on knees and "unusual scars" on feet, and an interviewer noticed that he "walked with a wobble". Investigation revealed that the detainee had been arrested and initially detained by Navy SEALs from Naval Special Warfare Squadron 7. Notations in the investigative file indicate that a medical screening record generated on the day of capture showed several abrasions and bruising consistent with a "rough capture" and that a medical record generated thirteen days later showed second degree burns and singed tissue "after being interrogated the evening prior." Moreover, the Army NCO who initially processed the detainee on his arrival at the Mosul facility noted that the detainee "was scared, crying, and upset," and that when he made a hand gesture that the detainee interpreted as indicating that he would be sent back to the SEAL team, the detainee said "I am not going back with them, you might as well kill me now." The NCO said that he suspected that the SEALs may have abused the detainee. The SEALs denied abusing the detainee, stating that he threw himself on rocks and rubbed himself against walls, and faked illness. A 15-6 investigation concluded that there was no wrongdoing by any of the persons involved in the apprehension and subsequent detention and (inconsistent with other reports in the file) indicated that the alleged burns were not consistent with thermal burns. CID similarly concluded that the "[i]nvestigation did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations made by Mr. [REDACTED]."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/21/2004    CID Investigation initiated on basis of report by serviceman's wife that serviceman from C Co., 2-14th Inf. Bn., had a photograph of himself pointing a gun at the head of a bound and hooded detainee. When interviewed, the soldier explained that his "mission in Iraq was to pull security for ODA Groups [Special Forces Operational Detatchment-Alphas]." He explained that "I'm a private in the Army and I dont ask to[o] many questions as to what going on or what's being done. I just do what I'm told. I was given my order by the S.F. group we were attached to in Al-Quiem." File indicates that the serviceman was assigned to a safe house operated by an ODA (525 or 531) from the 5th Special Forces Group. CIA and Special Forces personnel conducted interrogations at this safe house, and assigned conventional forces to guard the hooded and bound detainees. Guard duty included requring detainees to maintain stressful positions and preventing detainees from sleeping by playing loud music, dousing them with water, and poking, prodding, or slapping them. At times guards were told not to wear uniforms "to keep the detainees from knowing we were military." CID concluded that there was probable cause to believe the soldier had committed the offense of aggravated assault when he pointed his pistol at the detainee. There is no indication that CID further investigated the treatment of detainees at this facility.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/3/2004    CID Investigation into allegation by detainee that he was arrested by U.S. forces and placed in a hole in the ground with other detainees at an unknown location in Samara for about three days, then threatened with death and taken to a room where he was placed on a box with wires attached to it. He felt heat come from the box and was in pain. He was later taken to a place that U.S. soldiers referred to as "the septic tank," and then to the Samara police station, where a U.S. soldier punched him and kicked him in the gArmy CID File (Report of Investigation)n with enough force to cause him to urinate on himself. U.S. forces then transferred him to Abu Ghraib. At Abu Ghraib, he initially stayed in a tent at the Ganci Holding Area, where he was not abused. He was subsequently taken to the "hard site" at Abu Ghraib, where he was stripped of his clothing and sprayed with cold water; his head was pulled back while he was seated in a chair, causing him to lose consciousness; all of his hair, including eyebrows and moustache, were shaved off by a U.S. soldier; he was forced to wear white women's underwear with red roses on them; he was left for several days with no clothes (a jumpsuit was eventually provided); was deprived of blankets or a mattress for a longer period; and was terrorized by a large dog while tied to his cell door. 5th Special Forces Group was targeted in inquiry regarding Samara allegatioons but stated that there was no hole in the ground at their facility in Samara and that they had no records relating to the detainee. Medical records of detainee indicated several reports of generalized aches and pains, sometimes listed as due to past strokes. A doctor who had treated the detainee said that he was suffering from spinal stenosis, which was not caused by trauma, and said that the detainee had not mentioned being abused by U.S. forces. The investigation was closed because it "did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations ...."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/3/2004   CID Investigation initiated on June 21, 2004 at request of CID HQ into allegations contained in a February 10, 2004 ICRC report. Request included an excerpt from the ICRC report reflecting 25 detainees' allegations that at the Al-Baghdadi Air Base, coalition forces forced them to sit on their knees with hands cuffed behind their backs for long periods of time; frequently beat them on various parts of their bodies, including their gentials, while they were hooded; and subjected them to sleep deprivation. The report further explained that "a method described in the allegations consisted in forcing [detainees] to lie face down, their hands cuffed behind their back and shackled to their ankles for two to three hours. While in this position, soldiers would allegedly insert in their mouths cloths full of dust and hot pepper. One [detainee] arresed on 21 August alleged that he had been hooded, beaten and placed naked in front of an air conditioning machine while cold water was thrown on his body. A dog, initially with a muzzle, attached [sic] him with its paws and then bit him on the right thigh (according to the examination of the ICRC doctor, he had marks compatible with a dog bite.) In the right shoulder he had a hematoma and linear marks compatible with repeated whipping or beating. He had wrist marks compatible with tight flexi-cuffs." (Excerpt appears at DODDOACID-004144.) The investigating office opened an investigation, but closed it within two days on the basis that the ICRC report did not include the names of any victims and that ICRC did not disclose the names of the victims to the Coalition. The investigation was subsequently reopened and closed again because "the identity of the victim could not be ascertained." There is no indication that CID attempted to examine the medical or detainee records of Al-Baghdadi Air Base during the period in question, or to interview personnel or detainees who were located there at that time.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 10/18/2004   CID Investigation initiated at July 29, 2004 request of CID HQ into the death of Hadi Abdul Hussain Hasson Al-Zubaidy in U.S. custody at Camp Bucca. The investigation "disclosed that there was virtually no documentation in reference to Mr. HASSON's manner, cause, or circumstances of death. The only existing record reporting Mr. HASSON's death was a PMO Detainee Not in Custody Camp Roster. The camp roster only refferd to Mr. HASSON as being 'dead' with no explanation." The record-keeping was so poor that CID "could only estimate that Mr. HASSON possibly died between Apr - Sep 03." The file reveals that "prior to 2004, the documentation on deceased Detainees was very limited ... the majority of the time prior to this year, when the Mortuary received the remains of a deceased Detainee they would only know that the deceased was a detainee, and they would not have any other info on the remains ...."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 10/26/2004   CID Investigation finding that the shooting death of Alla Jasin Hassan was justifiable homicide because he was killed as the result of a prison riot at Abu Ghraib.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 10/4/2004   CID Investigation into detainee allegation that U.S. forces abused him by throwing him against a wall when first captured, denying him food for three days thereafter, and beating him and kicking him in the head during interrogations. Investigation first centered on Task Force 6-26 but then determined that personnel from 2nd Battallion, 5th Special Forces Group had "interviewed" the detainee. File indicates that a Special Forces interrogator submitted, and a Major signed off on, a request "for the use of advanced interview techniques" in this detainee's case. CID interviewed two Special Forces soldiers who had interrogated the detainee. These soldiers insisted that the detainee had been compliant and cooperative and was not abused in any way. These soldiers also stated that they had not requested clearance to use special interrogation tactics against the detainee. The soldiers' statements appear to directly contradict the documentary evidence in the case. CID did not confront the soldiers with this inconsistency or ask why, if the detainee was cooperative, they had requested clearance to use so-called advanced techniques. CID did, however, rely on the soldiers' denials, together with reported inconsistencies in the detainee's statements and the lack of medical evidence supporting his claim, in determining that there was "insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the offenses occurred ...."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/6/2004   CID Juvenile detainee stated that he had been kicked by an interrogator from the 209th Military Intelligence Co. while he was on a kneeling position on the floor with his hands behind his back. The interrogator and his interpreter denied that any abuse had taken place. The detainee declined to provide a written statement. CID decided that the allegation was unfounded.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/20/2004   CID Investigation into two detainees' allegation that they had been assaulted by U.S. forces while being transported to Abu Ghraib. The convoy transporting the detainees, operated by soldiers from the Headquarters Service Battery, 1st Bn., 82nd Field Artillery, was attacked by an improvised explosive device. The attack halted the convoy and injured some of the soldiers. Soldiers then assaulted the detainees. One reported that the soldier who assaulted him said "It's all because of you mother fuckers!" just before assaulting him.  That detainee said that the soldier punched and kicked him in the head and struck him in the eye with a rifle stock, then charged the bolt of his rifle, at which point other soldiers restrained him.The other detainee said that he was struck in the eye and thigh with a rifle stock. Both detainees exhibited eye injuries consistent with being "butt stroked" by rifles. One soldier admitted that immediately after the attack, which left him dazed and injured, he said "It's motherfuckers like those guys trying to kill us," or "this motherfucker is one of them," referring to the detainees. The soldier also admitted trying to kick a detainee, said that he was prevented from doing so by other soldiers, but also admitted that he might have kicked him. Other soldiers denied seeing any abuse. The investigation determined that there was "insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations of abuse...."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/21/2004   CID Investigation into allegation by detainee that a U.S. soldier kicked him in the back of the legs repeatedly, knocked him to the ground, and kicked him in the back, legs, and stomach while he was at a detention camp at Mahmodia, an area of Baghdad. The detainee also reported that while he was in a latrine, persons threw rocks at the latrine and yelled at him in English; that while he was kept in a holding cell, soldiers would walk by the cell and yell at him and poke him with a stick through the wire mesh; that when he was transferred to another facility, U.S. forces hooded him with a sandbag, handcuffed him with plastic handcuffs, and threw him into the bed of a truck, after which the soldiers loading the truck walked on him and other detainees; and that interrogators at this second facility placed him inside a cold and wet cell for several hours without warm clothing or a blanket. The detainee apparently also reported that U.S. forces placed a piece of metal on a heater and burned detainees with it. The detainee recalled the name on the uniform of the soldier who kicked and beat him at Mahmodia. Investigation found that 505th Parachute Infantry Rgt. was in charge of the Mahmodia detention facility. The name given by the detainee led the investigator to focus on a particular 505 PIR soldier who had been based there. The soldier denied abusing any detainees, and apparently agreed to a polygraph examination, but the agent's request for a polygraph exam was disapproved by CRC [?] because "there was insufficient evidence to determine that SPC [REDACTED] was the [REDACTED] in question."  Other 505 PIR soldiers also denied that abuse had taken place at Mahmodia. CID found that the investigation failed to develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove Mr. [REDACTED] allegation that he was abused.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/2/2004   CID Investigation into allegation by detainee that after he exchanged words with a female U.S. soldier at Abu Ghraib compound Cougar 3, a male U.S. soldier slapped him across the face, causing him to bleed from either the mouth or the nose, and pushing him into the concertina wire at the base of the chain link fence and causing him to cut his finger. Several other detainees and a soldier corroborated the detainee's account. The commander of the 301st MP Co. identified two of his soldiers as the ones involved in the incident. The female soldier stated that she observed the male soldier slapping the detainee. The male soldier denied slapping the detainee, but acknowledged pushing him down. Investigation concluded that there was probable cause to believe the male soldier had committed the offense of assault consummated by a battery. The commander stated it was his intention to take action amounting to less than courts martial.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/24/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation initiated after MP sent memo to CID re 2 detainees who related physical abuse in 2 separate instances - one by 2 unidentified Iraqi National Guard soldiers and 2 unknown U.S. soldiers, and the second by Iraqi ING only. Detainees were captured by ING and transported to 3-156 INF BN for processing, before being sent to the Brigade Interrogation Facility (BIF), Camp Cooke. Detainees were medically examined upon arrival at BIF and photographs were taken of injuries. An agent witnessed that first detainee had bruising on shoulders and upper torso; darkened eyes; welts on back "that had the imprint of a rifle barrel";  "other welts indicated a club." Other detainee's "eyes were blackened and the left side of his face was completely blue and very swollen." A 15-6 investigation concerning this incident was conducted by 3-156 INF BN, Fort Apache, Iraq, but CID could not find it. The CID investigation was terminated due to insufficient evidence to substantiate the offenses (no evidence collected, no 4883 required).
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 9/23/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into detainee allegation that he had a plastic sandbag placed on his head and was then choked by a U.S. soldier when arrested. He was taken to Mosul airport were he was 'punished' for 3 days and nights at the "Disco", including "putting our hands on our heads for six hours and then sitting on our feet for five or six hours and then throwing on us cold water at night". Memo states "although he was placed in stress prositions... during his detention... he was never hit kicked, slapped or abused in any way." Investigation related only to allegation of choking during capture.Ms [redaced], Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center (JIDC),Titan Corp., Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (BCCF), Abu Ghraib, Iraq (AGI), stated "she hears abused complaints often, but it is the interrogators responsibility to file the complaint." Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the offenses. No evidence collected, no 4833 required.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 10/4/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into detainee allegation that 2 U.S. soldiers and interpreter entered and searched his home, third soldier walked in and struck him in the mouth with the butt of his rifle. Medical record states "struck during arrest, broken tooth and cut lip." Determined insufficient evidence to prove or disprove allegations.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/16/1934 12/30/2004 CID Investigation initiated by Office of Sec Def on basis of photograph suspected to depict US Army personnel abusing a detainee, found on govt computer. Photo depicts 3 Iraqi detainees zip-tied to bars in a stress position, fully clothed, with hoods over their heads, and 3 soldiers posing in background. One soldier is pointing broom "as if I was sticking the end of a broom stick into the rectum or a restrained detainee." Soldier testified that SSG told him and group of MPs that the photo must be destroyed. He stated "...the other interrogators and I did not have a lot of work to do for a couple of days. Myself and several other MPs... were fooling around in the prison, and SGT [redacted] took several photographs," including the subject of this investigation. SA testified that "Everyone" was taking pictures.SPC did not know of a "No Picture" taking policy, and did not know of anything in SOP re taking pictures. "It was always an MI call to zip-tie them and put them in certain positions." Email sending picture to soldier who held broom states: "I can't see how they think this is anything but fun".Investigation terminated because found sufficient evidence to prosecute- continuing investigation would only produce unneeded evidence. "Leads remaining include the interview of the Iraqi detainees depicted." Commander's Form 4883 pending. 15-6 Inquiry was conducted.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/5/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation prompted by NYT article containing victim's allegations of torture. Memo to Special Agent in Charge states: "Preliminary investigation revealed Mr ... Al Rawi  was hit repeatedly with a broomstick, kicked, forced to sit in awkward positions for extended periods of time, threatened with rape, brought naked before two snarling dogs, and urinated on by a u.s. soldier during the first thirty days at the BCCF." Investigation terminated, evidence inconclusive: "Special Agent in Charge determined further of the investigation would be of little or no value. Remaining leads: Locate…and interview [victim]." Records contain exerpts from CID investigative report Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 0003-04-CID149-83130:  "10 Nov 03, ...detainee..., BCCF, ...stated that he was punched and kicked in various places"; "detainee... sent to isolation wing on 10 Nov 03... punched and kicked in the stomach, struck on the back and dragged across the floor. Detainee [redacted] stated that he and other detainees were piled upon each other and someone sat on himwhen he was on top of the pile." "SPC related that... when she entered the hard site ... she witnessed... a pyramid of naked guys who had sandbags over their heads."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/8/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into allegations by detainee who was interrogated by ST-2 personnel at Navy SEAL Compound, for 3 days. He was told "if you don't tell the truth we going to hurt you father and brother", then taken to small room where he was left for 3 days with no food or water with bag over head, hands cuffed, had cold water and ice thrown on him, ice placed on gArmy CID File (Report of Investigation)n area and was banged against the wall. Medical records confirmed bruising consistent with allegations. Investigation concluded insufficient evidence to prove/disprove allegations. "Special Agent in charge determined further of the investigation would be of little or no value. Remaining Leads: Witness interviews."
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Details not discernible - first 18 pages missing. Contains hand-written confessions  re attacks against US soldiers, and 1 page out of a 3 page statement by US officer, noting that detainee's injuries were self-inflicted.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/7/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation requested by CID Chief of Investigative Operations Division after Washington Post article on 6/15/05 reporting murder of Mr Sajid KADHIM by U.S forces. WP reports family's account that US troops came into their house when Kadhim, wife and children were asleep, dragged Kadhim into another room, then they heard hots. Soldiers left taking with them hooded man they said was Kadhim but family found his body stuffed under mats in house. WP reports that autopsy found he had been shot 5 times, in leg, throat, armpit and chest. Investigation found that Kadhim grabbed weapon of soldier who shot and killed him. AR 15-6 investigation conducted, received by CID. It appears that CID sought legal opinion from 3rd Group Crim Investigative Command, SJA, as to whether justifiable homicide, based only on the 15-6. SJA opined that  probable cause that soldier committed justifiable homicide and acted within ROE, and CID investigation was closed without firther inquiry. Special Agent in Charge decided to list Subject of investigation as "None" and terminated investigation because determined further investigation would be of little or no value.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/28/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation of assault re-opened. Initial investigation commenced when MSG [redacted] , 418th MP Det. Camp Bucca notified CID that he observed SFC [redacted] strike victim with an open hand to the back of his head. Victim was interviewed and denied being assaulted by any guard. A month later during an administrative review , Assistant Operation Officer noted to reopen the investigation and re-interview victim. Victim described being slapped in the right cheek and shocked with a "tazer": "he hit me with the electric gun twice in my arm with two wire needles, and they took me to the doctor who picked up the two wire needles from my arm." When asked why he didn't tell CID that story when interviewed previously, he said that he had told CID this story. Agent confirmed that marks on victim's arm were consistent with a tazer shot 4 weeks earlier. Agent's investigative report refers to 2 entries from the activities sheet of Camp Bucca dated 3/8/04 and 3/27/04 which detailed "use of force against detainees in which detainees were shot." Investigation established that victim was not assaulted by any guards while detained at Camp Bucca - found victim's testimony not credible. 4833 not required.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 8/3/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into undetermined death of Mr. Karim MASNADANE (aka Karrim Kareem IBRAHIM, Karrem Abraheem KEREEM), subject of investigation unknown. Investigation requested after review of "PMO Detainee Not in Camp Roster" revealed he was deceased. Investigative summary states investigation previously conducted into his death at Abu Ghraib: 0010-04-CID789 (attached). That report relates to the deaths of Mr Masnadane, Hasan Hamad ABU NASSER, Ahmed Selfeegi GAER, Ismael Abdulhussein SHAHAB, Khudair Museif JASSEM, Awad Salih JASSIM, Khalaf Najif JASSEM, Andan Abdulhussien SHAHAB and Unknown, and concludes that all were killed by mortar attack on Abu Ghraib on 4/6/04 (no further investigation needed).Masnadane investigation found that a legal review of his detainee files was conducted on 1/20/04 which recommended his release.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/17/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into alleged assault of detainee.  Detainee alleged was beaten with a cable on the shoulders and a stick in the ribs; kicked in the head; the English speaking guards would pour the medicine from the capsules on the floor preventing him from taking the medicine provided by the doctor; as he was interrogated, the translator would kick and punch him in the face and head; he was beaten on the bottom of his feet with a plastic stick; he was kept in a small box, which forced him to stay on his knees; the guards would keep him awake all night.  On May 5 04, examining officer found injuries consistent with blunt trauma.  No medical logs were maintained regarding the medical treatment or evaluations prior to 5 May 04 to support or refute the statements provided.  Attached Agent's Investigation Report (AIR) notes that two officers provided sworn statements stating that the only injuries [the detainee] received while he was in the custody of ODA 065 C Co. 2nd Bn 10th Special Forces Group were "self inflicted" or "self-sustained."  CID Report terminates investigation while concluding that investigation did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations of abuse.  
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 7/28/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into assault of detainee who reported that he was assaulted and choked by American forces during interrogations prior to arrival at BCCF on the night of June 25 2004.  The investigation concludes that the detainee was not assaulted as he originally reported and that he had commented to offense of False Official Statement when he provide a written statement that did not reflect the incident as it actually happened and statements taken of the personnel who attended the detainee’s interrogation denied any abuse took place.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 6/25/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation into assulat of Detainee (who later filed a complaint in US re torture).  Detainee alleged he was beaten with wooden sticks, punched, electrocuted, anally sodomized by a female while 2 males held him down and watched, and made to drink urine by US forces prior to arrival at BCCF.   Agent’s Investigative Report notes that a physician who examined the detainee at Camp Bucca, stated on 19 Jun 04 that the detainee did have a scar on his right wrist which was indicative of him being pulled by his handcuffs or being hung by handcuffs.  The Colonel also stated that the detainee was bleeding from the anus and this injury could have occurred when the detainee was forcibly sodomized. 5096.  Investigation concludes there is not sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations. 
Army CID File (Report of Investigation) 6/2/2004 12/30/2004 CID Investigation established probable cause to believe SGT [redacted] committed the offense of aggravated assault when on & May 04, he was guarding 2 detainees who were being transported from Camp War Eagle to Camp Cuervo, Iraq.  Both detainees were blindfolded and had their hands restrained behind their backs by flexi-cuffs.  While enroute to Camp Cuervo, SGT [redacted] hit and kicked both detainees numerous times.  One detainee sustained a broken right clavical, contusions to the face and back and laceration on the top of this head; the other sustained multiple contusions, abrasions and lacerations to face from the assault.  Commander’s Report of Disciplinary Action, Form 4833 pending.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into alleged assault of detainee before arrival at AGP.  Detainee alleged that he was held at a detention facility near Al Satar City, on Rashad Base and then transported to another facility.  At second facility, detainee was kept in solitary for 16 days.   On 9th day, he began to scream.  In response,  soldiers cuffed him and "placed him on a stretcher face down and placed another stretcher on his back.  They then tied ropes around the stretcher, which pinned Detainee . . . between the stretchers."  "He stated that he was screaming for help and his right wrist was going numb and felt like it was cut off."  After 3 hours, a doctor came into the room and removed the handcuffs.  Captain stated that "using stretchers, in the [manner] described by the detainee and records, to restrain individuals having similar incidents, is sometimes used in the United States."  SJA found no probable cause to believe detainee abused.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into aiding the enemy, dealing/selling/trading captured property, larceny by members of HHC 3-69AR Mortar Platoon in Northeast Baghdad. Investigation established probable cause to believe that SA's had provided weapons to an Iraqi believed to be associated with Fedayeen, consumed alcoholic beverages provided by him, stole money from Iraq citizens.  Disciplinary action ranged from less than dishonorable discharge to 16 months confinement.  Form 4833 is pending.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into abuse of AGP detainee turned over to TF-626 in April 2004.  Investigation initiated on basis of July 19 ICRC report, which found that detainee "underwent ill-treatment in an American Military Base in Falloujah in mid-April 04.  The ICRC report related [detainee] was suspended from his thighs and was beaten while he was hooded and restrained. . . .  Also, there were bilateral multiple parallel marks on the lower leg and marks on the posterior lower thighs with the imprint of a cable or rope."  April 30 Medical Screen upon arrival at AGP found evidence of abuse "15 days ago for 3 days > beaten by Kurdish, Iraqi linguist hung on."  Says "shot in the left arm/hit repeatedly with rubber hose in bilateral shins/shocked w/electrical currents on R lower leg and bilateral sides of torso."  Documentation by "TF NAMA" indicates detainee turned over to CF on April 23.  Agent notes, however, that "[o]ther documentation in file indicated he was shot by Kurdish Forces on 15 Apr 04, and turned over to CF on 17 Apr 04."  The latter documentation "indicates detainee was tortured by Kurdish forces for three days."  Agent recommends that case be forwarded "with other TF 6-26 cases or closed based on information provided by detainee, which indicated he was abused by Kurdish forces, not U.S. Forces."  Investigation closed because abuse was determined to have occurred before detainee entered U.S. custody.  Agent apparently does not question whether Kurdish forces would have had Iraqi linguist.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into shooting by 1-27th infantry soldier of Muhamad Husain Kadir, an Iraqi cow herder who was flexi-cuffed.  Platoon stationed at Taal Al Jal got instructions to shoot anyone fleeing the village.  PFC "noticed an Iraqi male walking his cattle away from the village [and] asked if I should shoot the farmer because he was leaving the village.  I was told by SGT not [to] shoot him."  Then got instructions that all males in the area should be arrested.  One squad member: "We began to see local Iraqi nationals walking around in the fields herding their cows and sheep.  There was never a reason given to why these Iraqis are being detained."  SGT and PFC entered field, cuffed Iraqis.  PFC fired one round at cuffed detainee, claims that detainee lunged at SGT: "SGT then stated to me 'place my weapon on his head and if he so much as moves shoot him,' which I did."  In later statement, PFC states that "[L]ooking back on it now, I don't think the Iraqi actually lunged.  What happened is [SGT] turned him to walk away; however, because of the adrenaline, when [SGT] moved the Iraqi out of my sight picture, I just reacted by shooting him."  SGT states that detainee had been flexi-cuffed and did not lunge.  Squad-member interviewed about incident states that accused soldier "would always see any Iraqi and ask if he could shoot them."  Investigation found probable cause for murder and false statement.  Form DA 4833 pending.
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigations into numerous alleged abuses at Al-Ademeya Palace, including reports from CACI and Titan employees (5594, 5506, 5508, 5510).  Also includes description of temperature control at AGP.  Interview w Titan translator: "sometime in Aug 03, while he was working in Abu Ghraib Prison, he witnessed a female solder he believed to be U.S. Army Military Police, make a detainee jump up and down and then roll left to right on the ground in what he believed to be a 150 degree Fahrenheit temperature clothed in only his underwear.  He stated this went on for about twenty minutes and the detainee was at the point where he collapsed several times and when the detainee attempted to drink water he would vomit.  Mr. [] related he knew the female soldier’s first name as [] (NFI) and she always worked with an interpreter named [] (NFI) who was also employed by Titan Corp.”  (5496)
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into allegation by detainee transferred to AGP that was abused at Al-Ademeyah Palace.  Final (C) Report: investigation "did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove allegation that he was abused by U.S. Coalition Forces.  However, it appears he may have been abused by the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps" (5562).  Agent's Investigative Report summarizes interview with CPT [], who screened detainee at AGP.  Detainee alleged that "he was hit in the head with a rifle butt and kicked in the shin six days prior. . . .  Dr. [] stated she observed some swelling on [] mid-shin and he complained of tenderness in the area.  She found no signs of trauma or injury on [] head" (5567).
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into allegations by ICRC of abuse during arrest, internment and interrogation.  Final (C) Report states that Form 4833 is not required (5602).  Agent's Investigative Report notes allegation that "unknown 61 year old person was tied, hooded and forced to sit on a hot surface, which caused severe burns to his buttocks."  States that ICRC has not disclosed name of detainee (5603).
Army CID File (Report of Investigation)     CID Investigation into possible abuse.  Memorandum for See Distribution notes RFI from CID, Fort Belvoir, VA re possible abuse of particular detainee at unknown place, unknown date.  "Investigation established the above offenses did not occur as alleged" (5616).  Agent's Investigation Report notes allegation that detainee "was tortured during an interrogation on 26 Feb. 04" (5619).  Sworn stmnts of members of A Co, 1st Batt, 22nd Infantry Reg., state no recollection of detainee.  No apparent effort to track down detainee.