Army CID, Navy CIS and Army Compensation Claims
(released by the Government 3/1/2005, released by the ACLU 03/04/05)

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Army CID Record of Investigation 4/6/05 – 5/1/04 Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) Temporary Holding Facility Investigation initiated after an Interrogator associated with the 22nd MP Battalion reported that he knew of abuse that had occurred at the Temporary Holding Facility at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). The interrogator said that "he was reporting this conduct because he felt the actions were inhumane even though every harsh interrogation was approved by the J2 of the TF [Task Force 6-26] and the medical personnel prior to its execution" (9119). The abuse included sleep deprivation, 20-hour interrogation sessions, and a guard's providing a prisoner with urine to drink. The CID investigation appears to have been terminated because "the subject of this investigation is a member of TF 6-26 and the Special Agent in Charge, SOTF [Security Operations Training Facility], has accepted investigative jurisdiction in this matter" (9118). SOTF's case number is 0016-04-CID343. (The SOTF file is posted below.)
Army CID Record of Investigation 5/24/04 Abu Ghraib Investigation into death of Ibrahim Hamadan Sudhail in custody. Sudhail was allegedly involved in attack against elements of 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in Fallujah and was brought to Abu Ghraib on or about April 29th, 2004. He died in custody on May 21st. Cause of death was determined to be "peritonitis as a consequence of a gunshot wound to the abdomen" (9112). The file has been closed.
Army CID Record of Investigation
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8
3/1/03 – 7/12/03 Unknown locations Investigation initiated after Playboy Magazine published an article in May 2004, titled "Death and Dishonor,"alleging that soldiers of the 1/15th Infantry Battalion, 3d Brigade, 3d Infantry Division (Ft. Benning, GA), committed numerous war crimes. Soldiers quoted in the article alleged that soldiers assigned to the 1/15th Infantry Battalion had, among other things, raped Iraqi women while on patrol and while guarding a mall in Baghdad, shot an unarmed Iraqi while he was fleeing, hog-tied him and physically assaulted him, "dug inside wounds of EPWs [enemy prisoners of war] while they were incapacitated"; indiscriminately shot unarmed civilian women and children; and shot wounded Iraqi soldiers (8347). In a signed statement, one member of the battalion said that another had had sex with Iraqis but that he didn't "know if they were raped or were prostitutes or just wanted sex."The same soldier states that he "overheard a conversation that [redacted] stuck his fingers in an open wound of a POW" (8352). Another soldier states that "POW treatment in most cases was very good"but notes one exception in which another soldier hit detainees, burned them with cigarettes, and "stepped on the balls of the POWs" (8372). The soldier who abused the detainees also "stuck his fingers"in the wound of an Iraqi whose arm had been shot (8372). Another soldier states that he saw "a bus that he suspected contained dead women and children, but [that] it had occurred prior to his unit coming to that area" (8386). The soldier who had sex with an Iraqi woman stated that the sex was consensual and that he had paid the woman $10 (8387). The investigation determined that "there are indications that the allegation of abuse of an EPW while in custody could have occurred; however, there were no direct witnesses and the suspect is deceased. There was no credible information developed sufficient enough to substantiate the allegation" (8474-75). The investigation was closed on or about July 26, 2004.

Army CID Record of Investigation
Part 1, Part 2

4/15/03 – 7/1/03 Samarra Investigation initiated after SGT reported that he witnessed several counter-intelligence agents (all associated with the 223rd MI Detachment) "strike, pull the hair, and force into asphyxiation numerous Iraqi detainees."The SGT also stated that "some of the CI agents would point a loaded weapon at the detainees' heads and tell them they would kill them if they did not talk" (8809). The SGT stated that "it was a chamber of horrors up in Samarra" (8837). In a signed statement, the soldier says that he also "observed staged executions."The soldier states that he "went to CPT [redacted]'s office, who is my company commander. I told him I was requesting an investigation into interrogation brutality used by my three team members. CPT [redacted] accused me of lying and said I had no integrity. He said I had 30 seconds to withdraw the request or he was going to send me forcibly to go see a psychiatrist."The CPT later told the soldier that he had been appointed the AR 15-6 investigating officer. Soldier: "I questioned him on the validity of him being the AR 15-6 officer when in fact he was the THT67 former OIC and the conflict of interest it posed."The next evening, the soldier was flown to Germany (8845). Unnamed civilian interviewee recounts conversation in which SGT told him, after conversation with CPT, that "This is what I saw and they think I'm crazy but they're wrong."The civilian states that he heard female CPT [presumably the psychiatrist] state: "There's nothing I saw or heard that leads me to think SGT [redacted] is mentally imbalanced."In response, CPT [redacted] states: "I don't care what you saw or heard, he is imbalanced, and I want him out of here."Civilian then "observed [female] CPT flinch and he could see the pressure in her eyes, like she had never had that kind of pressure put on her previously. Mr. [redacted] stated the next day CPT [redacted] went back and changed her diagnosis" (8917). E-mail notes that "Dr. [redacted] stated that CPT [redacted] went to her commander to influence her decision to send SGT [redacted] back to the US. As a result, her chain of command put ‘undue pressure' on her which did influence her decision" (8972). The investigation "established that there was insufficient evidence to determine whether the offenses . . . occurred" (8809). There is no indication that the commander was investigated or held accountable for retaliating against the soldier who alleged the abuse.
Army CID Record of Investigation 9/22/03 Camp Bucca Investigation into shooting inside Camp Bucca. Investigation determined that "Mr. [redacted] was the victim of Justifiable Shooting when he participated in concert with several other prisoners in a riot inside his assigned compound. [Prisoners] obscured their faces with towels and rags then began throwing rocks, wooden tent stakes, tin cans and water bottles filled with sand at the Compound guards while sporadically charging the fence."Guards were found to have "correctly utilized the Rules of Engagement to no avail."
Army CID Record of Investigation
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
1. 4/10/03 – 7/30/03
2. 7/30/03
1. Various, Jalulah, Iraq
2. CID Office, Fort Hood, TX
SPC (8035) and PFC (8038) alleged that members of their Unit stole money, food, cellular phones from Iraqi civilians while searching their vehicles at checkpoints. Soldiers denied stealing but admitted to using cellphones of Iraqi nationals stopped at checkpoints to call their loved ones in the U.S. for a few minutes. (8049). Investigation did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove offenses of Larceny of Private Property and Private funds, but found that SPC and PFC committed offenses of False Official Statement and Conspiracy when they "worked in concert to make false allegations against unit members."Command anticipated taking no action.
Army CID Record of Investigation
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
6/13/03 -- 6/13/04 1. Various, Iraq
2. CID Office, Fort Hood, TX
Public Affairs Officer found DVD of "Ramadi Madness", an edited composite of many video clips of B Company operations. It depicted: 1. wounded EPW flexicuffed lying on ground, soldiers filmed entry and exit wounds while EPW moaned in pain, one soldier kicked prisoner in face. SFC watching video said he "thought the dude eventually died. We weren't in any hurry to call the medics."SFC admitted to being the person in the video kicking soldier (8616). 2. Flexicuffed person on ground being interrogated, at one point soldier holding prisoner strikes him in head with rifle butt. 3. Dead person in video, videographer asks soldier in video to "make the dead guy say hello", at which point soldier grabs dead body by the hair and wrist, turns to the camera and waves the dead body's hand. 4. Scenes including soldiers confiscating a van from an enemy prisoner and joyriding around town yelling profanities at Iraqi Civilians. Captain stated that he would address the matter with LTC [redacted] "as to our policy and step to minimize the risk of this and other videos that may end up in the media" (8664). SGT admitted to compiling the video in January 2004. He stated that he destroyed both CDs containing the video (allegedly to avoid the video being released to the media) once he found out the matter was under investigation (8684). Numerous copies of the CD were made by "everyone who could" (8668). Captain and Colonel determined that there was not sufficient probable cause or evidence to believe SFC committed the offense of assault … video contained "inappropriate rather than criminal behavior."Colonel [redacted] stated that "he believed that much of the Company level leadership would be likely to destroy any existing copies of the video if it were known the matter was under investigation" (8610). Investigation terminated on grounds that furtherance "would be of little or no value or leads remaining to be developed are not significant."
Army CID Record of Investigation 4/19/2004 Camp NAMA Baghdad International Airport Investigation initiated upon complaint by Humint Augmentation Team civilian debriefer (interrogator) that a guard urinated in a bottle and gave it to a detainee to drink. Guard admitted to holding bottle of urine to detainee's nose making him smell it "to teach him a lesson"but stated that he did not make detainee drink from bottle. In the report describing the incident, the interrogator had also described "harsh interrogations and inhumane conduct"by some interrogators and guards from 4/6/04 to 5/1/04. He stated that he was reporting "these conducts because I feel that these actions were inhumane even though every harsh interrogation were approved by the J2 of the TF and the Medical prior to its execution."First two descriptions of interrogation methods redacted; notes "many detainees' wrists were bruised and swollen" (9145). Investigator briefed Captain at Camp NAMA who opined that the other "inhumane treatment"allegations listed in Mr [redacted]'s statement were unsubstantiated as they "fell within the Coalition Task Force-7 interrogation guidelines for the period in question" (9144). He also noted "One time, I walked out to the bunk to locate one interrogator. They were in the middle of breaking a detainee… I could only hear groaning loud human noises and shouting by many people (I think they were beating the shit out of the detainee)" (9147). The interrogator who sent the report was transferred 3 weeks after he arrived, he claims because "I refused to conduct my interrogations inhumanely."Concluded the guard acted unprofessionally in yelling at detainee but actions not criminal. Command said they would handle it, counseled the guard and put him on Front Desk duty for 2 weeks. Guard was then returned to normal duty.
Navy CIS Record of Investigation 8/9/2004 Shock Trauma Platoon 4 (STP-4), Camp Al Qaim

Investigation into incident in which 2 marines, both from 1st Medical Battalion, Combat Service Support Group-15, posed for photographs while pointing their M-16 service rifles at EPW whom they were assigned to guard in the medical recovery tent. In 3 photographs another Marine was also standing next to the EPW giving "the bird"gesture. The photographs were taken while other soldiers were apparently administering medical treatment to the detainee. [315] EPW was in the medical tent receiving medical treatment for gunshot wound to lower back. Both Marines admitted to taking the photographs, which were handed over to NCIS. One Marine admitted to having taken similar pictures with a pistol pointed at an injured EPW on a previous occasion. He stated that he had taken the photographs as a "souvenir"of his time in Iraq [344] – "taking these kind of photographs are very common at the STP and it is excepted by everyone" (sic). Their superior (rank unclear) appears to have instructed them not to photograph detainees and confiscated the camera upon discovery of the incident to prevent destruction of evidence. Charge of assault unfounded, non-judicial punishment imposed on 9/16/04 for failure to obey lawful order: reduction of rank to E-2, and monetary fine (partially suspended). Investigation closed, detainee could not be located. Other photographs of soldiers pointing weapons at detainee patients were also found on a personal computer.

Army CID Record of Investigation 6/3/2004 Altalafia

Detainee stated he was captured from his house in Altlafia by US forces, his hands were tied and he was placed in military tank. He claimed that inside tank soldier hit him in the stomach with a black metal pipe, then in the nose and mouth area with his fist. Investigation notes that witnesses in the area related that victim appeared to have suffered a seizure. Sergeant who was present stated that he saw detainee leap out of Bradley and vomit blood. Other soldiers saw him foam from the mouth. Soldiers in back of Bradley said that he "freaked out", had convulsions and jumped out the back. Medics stated he was "OK" (8221). Another sergeant stated that the detainee was crying, saying "why did they hit me?" repeatedly (8228). Soldiers who were there denied assaulting detainee and claimed that he had injured himself. No medical records could be found, but doctor who saw detainee on 6/15/04 was interviewed and stated that he did not see any scabs or bruises. Investigation terminated in Sep 04 on grounds that there was insufficient evidence to prove or disprove offences. 4833 not required. On 27 Jan 05, CID conducted a review of the investigation to ensure it met administrative and investigative requirements to determine whether the summary supported the conclusion of "insufficient evidence." (8260) Investigation concluded that there was sufficient contradictory evidence to prove the assault/cruelty did not occur as alleged, and there was no evidence of conspiracy.

Army CID Record of Investigation 6/14/2004 Abu Ghraib

Detainees brought Najem's body to gate at Abu Ghraib during the night after hearing him gasping. He had been otherwise well and had no medical history. Investigation established probable cause to believe that detainee NAJEM died after being found unresponsive on his cot at night at Abu Ghraib. The cause and manner of death were found to be undetermined after autopsy. CID personnel saw no signs of trauma/injury upon initial notification (although autopsy noted small bruises in abdominal area and left arm (9180)). Review of medical records found no possible contributors to Najem's death. Najem received emergency care consistent with that of a cardiac arrest.Email to investigator instructs them to "dig up what he was doing, subjected to re:interrogations, etc the days prior to his death."(9186). Investigator interviewed "available MP guards" who stated they did not recall any anusual activity by Najem (9191).Crime scene examination not conducted due to safety concerns - camp contained "over 200 agitated detainees" - and no inteterviews were conducted of camp detainees except initial witness and Camp Chief (9173). Copy of only a single interview provided. Investigation closed following determination that "all leads were pursued."

Army CID Record of Investigation 10/7/03-12/12/03 Abu Ghraib

Allegations in USA Today article 7/6/04 of detainee abuse at Hard Site of Abu Ghraib: "beaten repeatedly and handcuffed in stressful positions for hours by military police guards...he also was stripped, hosed iwth cold water on consecutive nights and forced to sleep naked on the wet concrete floor of his cell (9208).". Name: Makin Marwan Kaka (9202). Detainee stated that he was stripped naked when he refused to talk, slept naked on the floor of his cell that night, made to "exercize by squatting down then standing up over and over", had "very loud music" played in his cell at night to prevent him sleeping, but otherwise not physically abused (9203). Records showed detainee captured by Task Force 20, interviewed by A/519th Military Intelligence Batallion, B/325th, 205th MIB, 66th MIGCACI and Titan Corp personnel. Investigation closed because furtherance "would be of little or no value", remaining leads include interviewing detention center guards. No interviews in file.

Army CID Record of Investigation 8/18/2004 Abu Ghraib

Victims: Habib, Fras Moazahim; Ghafar, Hsham Nafit. Habib was shot and killed at Abu Ghraib. Investigation determined he died from a gunshot wound during a riot in Ganci 3. Determined Ghafar died from gunshot wound to head during same incident. Crime scene examination not conducted due to "volatility of the detainees and concern for officer safety" (9247). Detainee witness stated that detainee who was killed had not been rioting - he thought SGT had not shot on purpose, but was panicked and did not shoot at the rioters but rather about 10 metres to the side (9256). OSJA determined proper escalation of force during riot. LTC opined deaths were justifiable homicides.

Army Compensation Claims Service   Abu Ghraib

Web site posted allegations that MP guards directed the use of chemical agents against 2 Ukrainian criminal detainees at Abu Ghraib. Investigation "did not establish sufficient evidence to prove or disprove" the allegations. During detainees' incarceration in Tier 3A, chemical agents were used to stop riots and were not directed to any one individual (9231). "Due to the very poor records maintained by the previous units, this office was unable to corroborate if the allegations by Detainees... occurred." (9231). Detainees subsequently released and repatriated to Ukraine, do not appear to have been interviewed. Investigation terminated because furtherance "would be of minimal value", no 4833 required (9232).

Army Compensation Claims Service   Iraq

Documentation related to several claims for compensation for injuries and property loss caused by U.S. agents in Iraq.