Defense Intelligence Agency
(released by the Government 4/6/2005, released by the ACLU 4/20/05 | More Torture Documents Released Under FOIA)

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Record Date of
Record Description
DODDIA 000175 - 000177 Cover letters, etc. for DOD status report regarding processing completed for the month of March in FOIA case 4/6/2005  
DODDIA 000178 Report of the Dept. of Defense Document Processing for March 2005   Gives number of pages processed, denied, referred, etc.
DODDIA 000179 - 000186 Email correspondence [parties redacted] re RFI from ADM Church re Interrogator Issues 7/16/04 - 7/19/04 Discussion regarding a response to a memo from ADM Church re an RFI/statement of record on [redacted] role in OIF/OED, mainly focusing on Interrogator issues. Response due 7/20/04. "Strategic interrogation and debriefing was, and still is, generally conducted at GTMO."
DODDIA 000187 - 000190 Email correspondence [parties redacted] re RFI in Support of Detainee Task Force (DH)"S: 20-JUL-04 7/1/2004 Inspector General is coordinating responses to three inquiries of alleged abuse of detainees in Iraq. DOD also requested documentation in support of the Detainee Task Force (DTF), which will conduct a "comprehensive review of allegations of abuse at DOD facilities from January 2000 to present." Specific guidance is to search all files and collect written materials that pertain to DIA Interrogation policy, procedures, or "rules of engagement" with respect to POWs, detainees, or civilian detainees of the DOD or any of its components.
DODDIA 000191 - 000192 Email [parties and subject redacted] 6/5/2003 An investigation done before 5/27/03 found "that at the time of the incident [12/2002], there were no specific guidelines regarding t interrogation techniques of detainee operations in Bosnia or elsewhere." Email recommends that interrogation guidelines and procedures are reviewed and distributed to DIA personnel worldwide. Next page is heavily redacted, summarizes "Draft Concept for Utilization of Cooperating Source" concerning GTMO.
DODDIA 000193 - 000195 Email [parties redacted] re Interrogation Policy 12/9/2003 "....Based on questionable conduct in the past by [redacted] interrogators, murky rules of the road, OSD interest in GTMO rules, significantly different [redacted] rules, and the central role [redacted] plays at GTMO, I directed a [redacted] interrogation policy be developed. I am pretty sure the DD was aware of this...I believe the legal view that we simply belong to the Combatant Commanders and fall under their rules is shortsighted....It seems to me that these individuals need to be able to operate off of a fully coordinated and vetted interrogation policy....."
DODDIA 000196 Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of the Inspector General, Office for Investigations, Report of Conversation 5/5/2004 Summarizes conversation with [redacted] in Iraq, who corroborates description by Washington Post that senior leadership knew of or were aware of the incidents going on at the prison. Related two incidents of rape of female prisoners. Could not say "with any certainty if [redacted] had control over or [sic] the flow of information from the interrogators or if [redacted] was directly somehow in charge of the interrogators..."
DODDIA 000197 Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of the Inspector General, Office for Investigations, Report of Conversation 6/15/2004 Summarizes conversation with counter-terrorism analyst at Camp Slayer. Subject visited the Brigade Interrogation Facility in Jan '04 and spoke with interrogators at AGP. Saw no abuse at either facility, but saw bruises on detainee at BIF, and heard of dogs and sleep deprivation at AGP.
DODDIA 000198 Tasking form re Guidance for Release or Transfer of Detainees 7/8/2002 "Please review the attached draft implementing guidance developed to support our approved policy on release or transfre of detainees."
DODDIA 000199 Action request re Implementing Guidance for release or transfer of detainees under DOD control to foreign governments   "Please review the attached draft implementing guidance developed to support our approved policy on release or transfre of detainees."
DODDIA 000200 Notebook Entry re Guidance for release or transfer of detainees. 7/3/2002 Request for re-tasking of action.
DODDIA 000201 - 000202 Memorandum from President Bush for the Vice President, The Sec'y of State, the Sec'y of Defense, the Attorney General, Chief of Staff to the President, Director of Central Intelligence, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff RE Humane Treatment of al Qaeda and Taliban Detainees 2/7/2002 Memo holding that "none of the provisions of Geneva apply to our conflict with al Qaeda in Afghanistan or elsewhere throughout the world because, among other reasons, al Qaeda is not a High Contracting Party to Geneva." Declines "the authority" to suspend Geneva as between the US and Afghanistan. Claims that Article 3 of Geneva Conventions doesn't apply to either al Qaeda or Taliban detainees (who are also deemed to be "unlawful combatants" as opposed to POWs.) Calls for humane treatment to detainees, "including those who are not legally entitled to such treatment...As a matter of policy, the United States Armed Forces shall continue to treat detainees humanely and, the extent appropriate and consistent with military necessity, in a manner consistent with the principles of Geneva."
DODDIA 000213 Document Index: Intelligence Interrogation of Enemy Combatant Detainee Ali Saleh al-Marri 7/15/2004 List of 7 Documents, all redacted.
DODDIA 000204 Document Index: Intelligence Interrogation of Enemy Combatant Detainee [redacted] 7/15/2004 List of 6 documents, including those concerning detainee's contact with a redacted party, subsequent debriefing, and transfer.
DODDIA 000205 List of Interrogation, Debriefing and Detainee Documents   List of 19 documents, dated from 7/1/03 - 5/24/04. Includes policies/procedures, briefing and guidance, memos, and emails.
DODDIA 000206 - 000207 Email [parties and subject redacted] 5/6/2004 & 5/1?/04 Discusses SJA review of an investigation, a letter of reprimand, and DIA's need to do a "round up" of all possible detainee abuse cases.