Heavily-redacted documents relating to the "waterboarding" of prisoners in CIA custody
( released by the ACLU 05/27/08 | More Torture Documents Released Under FOIA)

Title of Record Document
Description of Record
Other Document #3 06/17/2004 Memo from DCI to Nat'l Sec. Advisor (4pgs) and memo from GC to DCI (1pg) with routers.
Other Document #7 01/13/2004 Memo that provided comments to the IG on its special review (17pg), with attachments (26pg).
Other Document #25 06/16/2003 Memo prepared by GC to the IG w' two routers and bulleted legal analysis and conclusions.
Other Document #29 04/07/2003 Document created by CIA component w/ router.
Other Document #45 01/24/2003 Reference document.
Other Document #65 11/02/2002 Draft report outlining general concepts and proposals.
Other Document #67 10/15/2002 Memo from CIA employee to a CIA attorney.
Other Document #85 Undated Draft w/ attachments.
Other Document #87 Undated Typed draft outline and plan
Other Document #101 Undated Outline
Other Document #103 Undated Checklist
Other Document #119 Undated 2 documents; Checklist and draft of report houtlining general concepts and proposals.
Other Document #129 Undated Memo from the DDCI to other senior officials (including the GC)
Other Document #131 Undated Report
Other Document #169 Undated Typed draft outline and plan identical to Other Document #87 w/ post-its.
Interview Report #103 09/05/2005 Report of an interview w/ CIA GC (8pg); addendum w/attachments.
Cable #333 08/12/2002 None
Special Review 05/07/2004 Draft document entitled "Special Review" (116pgs) drafted by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).