CID Documents Relating to Abuse in Iraq
(released by the Government in October 2008 , released by the ACLU 11/19/08 |  More Torture Documents Released Under FOIA)

File Name Document Numbers Agency Title of Record Date of Incident Date of Record Date Released by Government Geographic Region of Incident Specific location of incident Description of Record
DODDOACID009482.pdf DODDOACID009482-9641 CID CID Report dated Oct 16, 2004 4-Nov-03 16-Oct-04 Oct-08 Iraq Near Baghdad: FOB St. Michael, Baghdad International Airport, Abu Ghraib Prison Investigation into the death of Abu Ghraib detainee Manadel Al Jamadi. Detainee was captured and arrested violently, and was found dead later that day at Abu Ghraib. Medical examiner found broken ribs and many bruises. He determined the death was caused from several blunt force injuries and compromised respiration. The manner of death was homicide. The rest of the investigation was given to NCIS to complete.
DODDOACID009642.pdf DODDOACID009642-9881 CID CID Report of Investigation - Final July 1-31, 2003 15-Jun-04 Oct-08 Iraq Camp Cropper File contains documents that pertain to an investigation into allegations of prisoner maltreatment/abuse at Camp Cropper by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. The investigation established probable cause to believe that [REDACTED] committed the offenses of Cruelty and Maltreatment of Detainees, Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation and Aggravated Assault when they violated the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) established by their command regarding the treatment of Iraqi detainees. The bulk of the documents are the sworn statements of Commanders and soldiers of the 443 rd Military Police Company who alternatively confirm or deny the occurrence of practices such as "hog tying," peeing on detainees, placing detainees in the sun in 115-155 degree temperatures ("sun punishment") and "softening up" detainees prior to interrogations. Pages 4-10 provide a detailed index of the documents; particularly notable are pages 73, 102, 117
DODDOACID009882.pdf DODDOACID009882-010377 CID CID report dated August 26, 2006 Dec. 24 - Dec. 27 2003 26-Aug-06 September 24th 2008 (received by ACLU) Iraq Slaikh Alrabee neighborhood, Baghdad and Ruthwania Palace, Al Basara, IZ, IRAQ Investigation into allegations that 8 Iraqi men captured in a home raid in the Slaikh Alrabee neighborhood, Baghdad and then held from Dec. 24 - 27th, 2003 in Ruthwania Palace, Al Basara, Iraq, before being transferred to Abu Ghraib, were subjected to aggravated assault, cruelty, maltreatment. The report also investigated allegations of larceny of private funds and property of the 8 men.
The investigation, which was carried out by the Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Command, "Headquarters" and USACIDC, determined that there was "sufficient evidence to believe that the assault, cruelty and maltreatment did not occur as alleged." The conclusion was reached in part because all personnel interviewed denied abusing or witnessing any abuse at the time of capture or during the men's detainment and because "Available medical records pertaining to the detainees were reviewed and there were no injuries noted on the medical records consistent with the allegations of abuse." The investigation concluded insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the offense of larceny.
The file notes that the men allege that during the home raid they were kicked in the head and dragged, and that while detained they were forced to kneel outside on stones with their faces on the ground during the day, and in the same position but inside at night, continuously hooded, and not fed or allowed to sleep. All 8 detainees said they were kicked and punched while detained. One detainee said he lost consciousness from being hit. According to the men, dogs were released on them four times. According to one detainee, an allegedly lifted the man's hood and threatened to shave his beard and hair, make him wear women's clothing and have sex with the victims mother.
DODDOACID010378.pdf DODDOACID010378-10646 CID CID report dated May 22, 2006 July 14-20, 2003 22-May-06 Oct-08 Iraq F.O.B. Tiger, Al Qaim, Iraq An Iraqi detainee alleged that between June 14th and 20th, 2003 - immediately after his capture by coalition forces - an Egyptian interpreter slapped him with a sandal, punched him, and "mildly mistreated" him at a location called "Kilometer 22" while several Americans in civilian clothes stood by without intervening, sometimes nodding at the interpreter to prompt him to continue hitting the detainee. A CID investigation into the allegations commenced on August 2, 2004, and concluded on October 10, 2004, based on an opinion that there was insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the complaint; however, the investigation was subsequently re-opened om March 6, 2005, on the basis that the investigating officers had not made a sufficient effort to identify the "Kilometer 22" location, or to locate the detainee or the Egyptian interpreter. In the ensuing investigation, officials were unable to find individuals who could identify "kilometer 22", although they opined that it referred to either the "Blacksmith Hotel" location or to F.O.B. tiger; officials found and interviewed the Egyptian interpreter, although his statment is not included in the CID report. Officials were unsuccessful in finding the detainee, because his medical records had been lost at Ft. Sam Houston in Texas. The investigation concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.
DODDOACID010647.pdf DODDOACID010647-10733 CID CID Report dated Apr 6, 2006 unknown (reported Aug 2, 2004)   Oct-08 Iraq BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) Allegations were brought forth that a detainee was assaulted while at BIAP. Investigations did not establish substantial evidence to prove or disprove the allegations brought forth by the detainee. Detainee alleged that he had been been assaulted by a black man dressed in an army uniform and that he was "slapped around" for 10 days. No medical records to support claims of injury could be found, and photos taken of the detainee show no injury to the face. Investigations have ceased as of current date as no further evidence could be found.
DODDOACID010734.pdf DODDOACID010734-10908 CID CID Report dated Oct 27, 2004 8-Aug-04 27-Oct-04 Oct-08 Iraq Baghdad: FOB Headhunter Investigation into allegations of detainee's abuse and maltreatment. Detainee said that he was severely beaten by American soldiers at FOB Headhunter. The medical examiner, and 3 witnesses (a linguist and two Headhunter guards) support the detainee's allegations. However, the American soldiers tell a different story that the detainee was treated professionally and nobody abused him. The accused were found to be not guilty.
DODDOACID010909.pdf DODDOACID010909-011359 CID CID report dated Nov 20, 2005 7/22/2003 - 8/6/2003 11/20/2005 Oct-08 Iraq Unknown location in Baghdad, Iraq Investigation initiated on Aug 12, 2004 upon Receipt of Information (RFI) received from Detainee Operations, Multi National Forces-Iraq (MNF-I) located in Camp Victory. The information indicated the victim alleged he was abused by members of the CIA while being held for 16 days in a small room, at an unknown location. The victim is an Iraqi civilian who was captured on July 22, 2004. The subject of the investigation pertains to aggravated assault, cruelty and maltreatment, and communicating a threat .The exhibits attached to the main CID investigative memorandum primarily include Agent's Investigation Reports (AIR), sworn statements, e-mail correspondences, letters, reports, detainee (victim) files, and hand written notes involved in the CID's investigation and analysis of all available documentation concerning the capture, interrogations and medical records of the victim. The CID investigation memo concludes no evidence of Abuse, Cruelty and Maltreatment or Communication a Threat were found in support of the victim's allegations of abuse.
DODDOACID011360.pdf DODDOACID011360-011769 CID CID Report of Investigation - Final April 11-12, 2003 31-May-04 Oct-08 Iraq Airbase H3, near grid coordinate 37S ES 6970 4360 This file contains documents related to an investigation into a claim made by three Iranian detainees who alleged that [redacted] was murdered at Airbase H3, IZ, while being detained and interrogated by Coalition Forces. The three Iranians also alleged that they had been beaten and abused while detained and that Coalition Forces had stolen a large amount of money from them. The investigation established that "the offenses of Larceny of Private Property and Larceny of Private Funds" as well as "Cruelty and Maltreatment" did not occur as alleged. Moreover, it "revealed the Missing Person incident could not be substantiated and therefore unfounded...a search of detainee records in Iraq for the disposition of Mr. [redacted] met with negative results."